会社:Suzhou Jinma Machinery Electric Co., Ltd.
場所:No. 38 East Yaofeng Road Jinqiao Development Zone Mudu Town
Suzhou, Jiangsu


Suzhou Jinma Machinery Electric Co; Ltd, established in 1992, specializes in researching and producing the electrical finishing tool which is used for NC-cutting machine. With the leadership of Yuan Dawei who is the general manager and chief engineer, the company has created a number of new products after more than ten years’ continuous development and research, it has won several national patents with two of them winning national invention patents, the company has been fully affirmed by the industry.

There are more than 30 models and 80 kinds of specifications of NC WEDM bed, with the specifications, the thickness of the taper, high efficiency, high-precision, the new structure of the performance characteristics; it has represented the area of domestic sophisticated level. As a pre-launch of the super-sized domestic wire NC WEDM, DK77120 produces an extremely far-reaching implication to the industry. As a state-level key new product, DK7763 NC WEDM has become the main favorite model of the research institutes, large state-owned enterprises and military enterprises. In 2006, the company developed NC WEDM-MS which is using intelligent control cabinet, frequency control and refined-mechanical transmission, and its cutting efficiency, precision machining, parts of the surface roughness all get to ideal Realm, and even comparable to NC WEDM-LS. After putting into the market, it has produced a good response by the users.

Company's high-speed processing of small holes DD703 received wide praise in its high-grade, high-quality, super-stable superior performance and won a high share of market share at home and abroad.

Under the excellent domestic situation, more than 30 types of birds milling machines, CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, machining centers and large gantry milling machine, are on the market with a scientific and rational design, international advanced control systems and sophisticated features debugging. Give full consideration to the design of the safety, ventilation, dust-proof, anti-interference, stability, performance, taking into account the convenience of the user and machine maintenance functions of the need to expand, to practical, simple and beautiful, the overall layout of today's domestic machine tool has reached the advanced level. With a good price, and improve after-sales service system and widespread user acceptance and have a good social benefits. Company founded Suzhou Dayuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. to create a more brilliant achievement in the field of metal cutting machine tools.

In a strong quality operating system, all products have established a specialized production line. Company has long-term and stable cooperation projects with external units such as casting and production units, sheet metal production units. According to the requirements of the quality control system, all the company’s machine tools’ qualities are controlled through the entire process to make sure the users satisfactory.
Our business refers to the industries including the military industry, automobile industry, the footwear industry, paper industry, shipbuilding industry, trade marks, toy industry, the aerospace industry and handicraft items, watches, zippers, optical parts, medical equipment, optical manufacturing and other fields. Company’s sales service network has extended to Poland, Egypt, and India, Pakistan and Vietnam and other countries and has made excellent performance, becoming a Science and technology enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. Company has contributed much in China’s processing industries upon completion of own development and growth.