会社:Guangdong Shunde Taineng Machinery Factory
場所:Side of Xinmin Colligation Building, 105 National Highway, Shunde district
Foshan, Guangdong


Mountain City of follows the virtuous area Tai Neng ability machine factory locate medium the national prosperity south" the Chinese carpenter machine key figure"- province FO shan mountain City of Guangdong agreeable the virtuous area lun jiao teaches the town 105 National Freeway side, wide railroad of adjacent city bead superhighway, city, information the high speed is flourishing, industry concentration, transportation convenience.
TaiNeng ability machine factory is a plank research to manufacture of carpenter machine development of the type furniture, manufacturing of the professional factory house, provides the liquid press type heat to press the machine, the liquid press type for the customer cold press the machine, liquid to press to ascend and descend the terrace, the doors and windows combination machine, the liquid press type to put together the trigger and draw the gum machine.
Many in the last years Tai Neng ability the machine takes the technique innovation as to establish a career it originally, take professional service as the business enterprise aim, build up one whole set of development, make and the service system, draw lessons from, absorb the advanced technique of the international of the same kind machine and give the improvement innovation, won the customer's trust.
Tai Neng Ability the machine factory from the bottom of the heart appreciate Chinese and Foreign customer the support for give and encouragement, and sincere expectation with new the old customer's close cooperation, hold hands to create together mutual benefit, prosper the prosperous future