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ta liang technology co., ltd was established in 1980, and headquartered in pa-ter, taoyuan. it is specialized in manufacturing of pcb equipment and cnc engraving & milling machine, offering products such as pcb routing machine, pcb drilling machine, resin panel cutter, precision mold processing machine.... ta liang technology has established a complete system for machine design development, manufacturing, assembly, quality inspection, customer service, and financial management, which provides the customers with it's best product and service.

ta liang has a r&d team consisting of nearly 20 members, and has appointed professor lai , department of power mechanical engineer at national tsing hua university, as the director for development technology. with their effort, four core-technology were established: 1. developmental competency for precision cnc machine mechanism. 2. on-site production, assembly and testing ability for precision cnc machine. 3. developmental competency for “kernel” of “cnc controller” with multi-axis high-speed movement. 4. developmental competency of “processing application software” for cnc controller. these four core-technology not only can improve the specification and functions of today's machine, but also, can develop whole new machine styles on customer's demand.

   ta liang technology will continue to renovate and develop more key products to it's customer, as well as it's best service.