8 Jiayuan Road
Dalang Town, China Pine Village
Dongguan, Guangdong 523795


Tatming machine (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. specializes in producing injection molding machine, the last century has been built in the 1950s and 1960s roots in Hong Kong injection molding machine manufacturer (Tatming machine factory) sister company, the goal is to create high-tech injection molding machines and blower, and a tradition of reliable and stable Tatming machine, so both communion.
1950s Tatming machine factory was established in the 1960s in the industrial city of Hong Kong & mdash; & mdash; Kwun Tong began production of traditional beer, followed by expansion of production scale and to move northward in the 1990s and early site is located in Shenzhen Shekou。 In line with the company's business development, 98 years and moved to Dongguan Changan set up Tatming (machine) Dongguan Ltd., focus on producing high quality, reliable and durable machine. April 2008, the Company due to the need to expand production in Dalang Town, Dongguan purchased 25,600 square meters of industrial land, build new plants and production lines in order to increase production levels and product quality. Tatming machine new plant was officially completed in 2012, including a total of 2910 square meters three-storey office building, 6th floor staff quarters and 9500 square meters of workshop. The Hong Kong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was Tatming mainland factories provide a solid backing, is not only a bridge between domestic and international business, including all the assembly of imported raw materials and parts imported by Tatming Technology Procurement.