we provide new packing machinery, we can design the right packing solution for your special product.
otherwise, we made new machinery for the candy and gum industries, process lines, etc.

list of tecmaq machines and equipments:

process equipment:

1.mixers for gum or masses of pulp of fruits.
2.balling machine.
4.rolling and scoring machine.
5.coolling tunnel for chocolat, hard candy lolly pop, flat hard candy lolly pop, former hard candy and gum.
6.development and automatization of process lines.

wrapping and packening machines with servomotors and touch screens:

1.flowpack wrapping machine with manual feeding for any kind of product.
2.flowpack wrapping machine of high speed with automatic fedding by dispenser disc depending of t he necessities of the client.
3.flowpack wrapping machine with automatic feeding for packages of 1 to 6 cookies, to wrap with tub form, square form, family packs with different quantity of cookies packages, etc.
4.flowpack wrapping machine with manual feeding for paper, magazines, pamphlets, catalogs, etc.
5.flowpack inverted wrapping machine for gloves, plastic places setting, gazes, vegetables, group of products in different presentations or products in bulk, etc.
6.wrapping machines for displays with shrinkable paper.
7.wrapping machines for displays or cookies in folder tipe packages.
8.wrapping machines to wrap 4 to 12 gum pellets in folder tipe packages.