We are BAODING WEYOU TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, a leading manufacturer and exporter of material handling equipments and lifting and cargo delivering tools. Based on modern management, full set of production lines and complete test equipments, we strive to provide quality products and excellent service both in China and worldwide.
Our products include Rigging Hardwares and Hoist Tools and Devices..
Hoist Tools and Devices: chain blocks, lever blocks, electric chain hoist, electric wire rope hoist , wire rope pulling hoist, jacks, trolley, snatch blocks, etc
Rigging Hardwares: chain shackle, anchor shackle, hooks, connecting links, turnbuckles, webbing slings, round slings, etc
According to the customers' request, we can design every kinds of not standard crane equipments and riggings.We have successively passed ISO9001 international quality system authentication, CE products safety certification ans GS products authentication. Our products are insured with People’s Insurance Company of China, which enjoy the equivalent guarantee all over the world. Our management system is set up and run strictly according to ISO9001 QA certificate, the quality policy is carried out conscientiously in the leaders at all the levels and every department., all of who participate in the quality system captivity and can carry out quality as the previous policy in own work.

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