会社:Wonsen Group
場所:Jian'an Estate, Liuyi Road East, Hanjiang District
Putian, Zhejiang


our “wonsen group” is an excellent exporting include metalworking machine tools and accessories and production and services, “wonsen builds the best, so you can be your best” is our princi-ple that we insist always.

we have been in existance for over twenty years, and it is through our reliability for service and quality machinery that we have established cooperation and our fair name to survive on the world market which covered indonesia, japan, jordan, korea, hong kong, malaysia, singapore, thailand, turkey, greece, france, england, ger-many, holland, belgium, austria, sweden, denmark, finland, u.s.a. canada, canada, mexico, columbia, venezuela, south africa, zimbabwe, australia, new zealand and taiwan, etc. for the reason of quality control, we have our own person taking charge of the inspection, every machine must be verified strictly before shipped. at present, we have about 30 members to handle business affairs and offer best services for our customers.

wonsen group organization is including our own factory and more than 50 suppliers which provide various kind of machineries. having good connection with them, wonsen group grow 5% per year, and in 2006, the growth will excess 10% we estimate.

actually, we are trying hard to launch ourselves into the prosperous future and we know this is only possible through pioneering the new areas of technology and by putting our customers our front in the never-ending race of competition and technological innovation. if is our sincerely hope and welcome every potential partner which is interested in joining us.

canmore can be more and more!