IPM Technology Sdn Bhd

会社:IPM Technology Sdn Bhd
住所:17, Jalan Riang 20, Kawasan Perindustrian Taman Gembira, 81200
Johor Bahru, Johor


IPM TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD was established in 2006, based in Johor Bahru, at the heart land of Iskandar Development Corridor, a fast growing industrial region.

IPM TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD came to the scene at the right time of the nation where high end technology manufacturing is increasingly the trend.

Due to its relentless commitment to professional service, very soon it has expanded to the central and northern region of Malaysia through setting up its own service centers in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

IPM TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD is destined to be a consultant, importer and supplier of high tech machinery. It has inbuilt capacity to meet the need of major industries of the nation and not surprisingly within short span, it runs a yearly turn over of RM10 million with potential for growth and expansion.

The machinery was chosen among the best from oversea countries, namely Taiwan and Japan.The machinery are as follow: high precision CNC Lathe machine, metal cutting machine, power press machine, grinding machine, and milling machine.

These machinery carry different brand names, such as :
Agma, Takisawa, Aristech, , Dowell, Mytech.

IPM TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD targeted Clients are major industries. They come under this category:
Automotive manufacturing, Air craft industries, Oil and gas industries, Die casting industries, General machining, and Electronic industries.


  • 新機械ディストリビューター/輸入業者/エージェント



  • 5軸以上のCNC旋盤
  • CNC旋盤
  • 垂直ミルズ
  • 垂直タレット旋盤(VTL)
  • 垂直ユニバーサルグラインダ
  • 横型マシニングセンタ
  • 立型マシニングセンタ
  • 立型マシニングセンタ(5軸以上)
  • 水平バンドソー
  • ガントリマシニングセンタ(INCLD。ブリッジ&ダブルコラム)
  • ラムタイプシンカーEDM
  • レシプロサーフェスグラインダ
  • ロータリー平面研削盤
  • スレッドグラインダ
  • ユニバーサルミルズ
  • ジグ中グリ機
  • ジググラインダ