REISHAUER RZ 362 Aギアーグラインダー

モデル:RZ 362 A


マックスギア径。:14.17 "

Max. tip circle-Ø 360 mm
Min. root circle-Ø 10 mm
Module 0,1 – 7 mm
Max. work slide travel 175 mm
Helix angle 45 °
Min. / max. number of teeth 6 – 600
Max. work piece weight 60 kg
Grinding worm-Ø / -width 280 – 350 mm / 104 mm

Speed of the grinding worm when grinding 1100 – 2300 U/min.
when profiling 50 – 95 U/min.
Feed per revolution of the work piece 0 – 3,4 mm
Grinding worm infeed speed up to 99,9 mm/min.
Shift axis per 1 mm stroke (Z-axis) up to 1,0 mm

Weight of the machine (approx.) 6600 kg
Required space (approx.) 6000 x 6000 x 2300 mm
CNC-control with colour CRT, diagnostics menu, positive feedback module and unbalance display
Languages: German and English
Measuring system: metric and inch
Dressing unit SPA-S (without diamond slices)
Automatic dressing compensation of the grinding worm, shift and tooth modification are CNC controlled, e.g. taper, crown, Asymmetric crown and taper and also combinations of taper and crown
Automatic meshing without probe, Automatic fine balancing unit by DITTEL, type MBA 2000
Turbo separator
Oil mist exhauster
1 flange without worm
1 tool cabinet incl. König adapter for using an integrated clamping device

The Machine was overhauled by REISHAUER in 2008:
Grinding slide: Replacement of nearly all gears, shafts, etc. scraping of guideway etc
Dressing slide: Replacement of various components, scraping & overhauling of the bearings of the guides
Workpiece support: Scraping of the guides. Replacement of all necessary parts
Working slide: Scraping of the guides, adjusting of tailstock, replacement of C-spindle, replacement of nearly all gears,
shafts, shaft encoder


The RZ 362 A was built by Reishauer throughout the years 1993 – 2002. It was than followed by the RZ 400 model.

The RZ 362 A is a high precision and high production gear unit. It ensures high process stability, very short setting-up time and low tool costs. This machine offers the most efficient grinding process on hard finished precision gears through an enhanced shift-grinding principle. Due to the integrated dressing unit the dressing of the grinding worm profile occurs automatically. The integrated automatic fine balancing unit keeps the grinding worm spindle finely balanced during its operational lifetime. The basic ratio between grinding worm and work piece axis is controlled by an electronic gearbox with an extremely high dynamic response. A control module evaluates errors, and a feedback module corrects constantly changing errors by utilising artificial learning intelligence. A copy of the Reishauer brochure is available on request.


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