CLAUSING MA35200オイルフィールド&ホロウスピンドル旋盤

¥20,773,208.20 JPY


スイング:878.8 mm
センター:5,080 mm
スピンドル ボア:317.5 mm
パワー:22.4 kW

Swing Over Bed 34.6"
Swing Over Cross Slide 24"
Swing In Gap 53"
Gap Width From Headstock 23.6"
Center Height Over Bed 17.3"
Center Height From Floor 44.07"
Center Distance 200"
Max. Weight Between Centers 8,800 Lbs.
Max. Weight With Steady Rest 11,000 Lbs.
Max. Unsupported Weight In Chuck 5,500 Lbs.
Small Closed Steady Rest (Optional) 1.5" To 15.75"
Large Closed Steady Rest (Optional) 13.8" To 27.56"
Follower Rest (Optional) 1.5" To 7"
Bed Width w/ Std. Auxiliary Guides 22"
Bed Height From Floor 26.77"

Spindle Bore 12.5"
Spindle Nose A2-20
Spindle Speed Range 4-Speed Auto Change Variable Speed With CSS
Spindle Speed Range #1 12-85
Spindle Speed Range #2 23-170
Spindle Speed Range #3 55-300
Spindle Speed Range #4 110-400
Spindle Drive Motor 30 HP Standard

Cross-Slide Travel 26.4"
Compound Rest Travel 17.7"
Tool Post 4-Way, 8 Position w/ T-Slots

Tailstock (Manual):
Quill Diameter 4.5"
Quill Travel 7.87"
Quill Taper 6MT
Bearing Surface On Bed Ways 19.75"

Thread and Feed Range:
Longitudinal Feeds (In/Rev) 0.0018-0.1
Cross Feeds (In/Rev) 0.0009-0.05
Longitudinal Rapid Feeds (In/Min) 80
Cross Rapid Feeds (In/Min) 40
No. Of Metric Threads 60
Range (Mm) 1-56
No. Of Inch Threads 60
Range (TPI) 1/2-28
No. Of Module Threads 60
Range (MOD) 0.25-14
No. Of Diametral Pitch Threads 60
Range (Mm) 2-112
Leadscrew Pitch (TPI) 2

Machine Dimensions & Weight:
Overall Length 283"
Base Width 34.6"
Overall Width 71"
Overall Height 54"
Weight 42,000lbs.
Power 460V, 3P, 60Hz.

Standard Equipment:
Chuck Guard With Limit Switch
30 Hp Motor w/ Inverter Variable Speed Motor
4 Range Auto Change Variable Speed With CSS
Auto Power Off With 2 Adjustable Position Stops
Mechanical Safety Device
Lockable Main Switch
Electrical Cabinet Ventilation Fans
Electromagnetic Spindle Brake
6 Way Rapid Traverse
6 Way Power Feed
4 Way 8 Position Tool Post With T-Slots
2 Dead Centers
Leadscrew /Feed Rod Support
Steel Leadscrew Cover
Coolant System
Auto Lube
Thread Dial
QIK Threading System And A.P.I. Threads
Manual Tailstock With Saddle Pin Body Movement And Anti Slip Lock
Gears And Bed Ways Hardened And Ground
Traveling Splash Guard
Built-In Air Power Supply Tube
Halogen Work Light
Leveling Screws And Pads
Tools, Tool Box, Operation Manual


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