D & Hリコイラー

ブランド:D & H


最大重量 コイル:22,679.6 kg

New D & H Recoiler

Maximum Weight Of Coil: 50,000 Lb.
Maximum Material Width: 72"
Drum Face: 79.75"
Maximum Dia. Of Coil: 72"
Dia. of Drum Collapsed: 19.5"
Dia. of Drum Expanded: 20"
Motor Hp: 150 Hp D.C.
Internal Gearbox Ratio: 8:1
Floor to Center of Drum: 65"
Line Direction: Right To Left

Hydraulic Pushoff
Overarm Holddown Roll
Hydraulic Clamping of Material
Hydraulic Expanding of Drum
Hydraulic Sliding Base

The Housing is a heavy duty fabrication to support the Mandrel, Drive, Pushoff, and Overarm Separator. The Unit is precision
machined to assure alignment of all units.

The Main Shaft is made of pre-hardened alloy
The Drum is fabricated from alloy steel with a
hardened surface on the Gripper Segment to
prevent marking on Pushoff.
A Wedge Type Gripper assures gripping of
heaviest and lightest gauges.
The Dual Direction Gripper allows for over or
under wrapping of coils.

Drum Expansion is by wedges thru a hydraulic cylinder which also clamps the material. The design of the Gripper area minimizes humping
of material, preventing out of roundness.

The Pushoff is a heavy plate supported by two
guide rods with bushings in the housing. A Hydraulic Cylinder pushes the material
off the mandrel.

Overarm Holddown Roll: Cantilever Mount
The Overarm Hold Down is cantilever mounted on the Recoiler. A limit switch is provided to prohibit the actuation of the pushoff with the
arm down. The Holddown Arm is operated by an air cylinder.

Centering Adjustment:
The Recoiler Housing is supported on hardened wear plates on the machined ways of a fabricated steel Sub-Base. A Hydraulic Cylinder mounted in the Sub-Base will shift the Recoiler either side of centerline as required for coil alignment.
Base (Floor) Plate Is 77.5" L-R x 68" F-B.

Integral Gear Reducer:
The Internal Reducer has Herringbone Gears and a reduction ratio of 8:1. Rated Input Horsepower is 150.

Delivery: In Stock; Toledo, Ohio

Note: Price is less Dc Motor and Drive.
(Can be provided at extra cost)


This is a new, never used Recoiler, initially designed to be used
in a coil processing (paint) line.