KNUTH V-TURN 410/1000エンジン旋盤

モデル:V-TURN 410/1000


スイング:16 "
センター:39 "
スピンドル ボア:2 "
パワー:7.4 hp
回転数:3000 rpm
大きさ:76" x 42" x 54 "
重量:3410 (LBS)

Incl. 3-axis position indicator with integrated spindle speed display, fully assembled
Wide, hardened and ground guideways ensure superior turning results and long life
A heavy ribbed machine bed and a massive one-piece cast-iron frame provide the solid basis for this machine
Large spindle bearings and high-precision headstock ensure excellent concentricity
Headstock gears and shafts are hardened and ground for quiet operation und constant speed
7 Hp headstock motor ensures powerful machining
Spindle speeds are infinitely variable from 30 to 550 and 50 to 3000 rpm
Micrometer and turret stop are included
Integrated central lubrication at the support for low maintenance
The extensive features of the X.Pos Position Indicator are complemented here with a digital speed indicator and an easy to program auxiliary function
Constant speed: During face turning, the spindle speed automatically adapts to the changing workpiece diameter – the constant cutting speed at the cutting edge of the turning tool ensures superior turning results with a quality comparable to CNC lathes
A quick-action tool changer system is available as an option

3-axis position indicator

More accuracy
Lower error rate
Increased productivity
Resulting in valuable time savings
For increased productivity
Easy to read display
Operator-specific features
Convenient keyboard layout
Resolution: 0.0004 / 0.0002"
Default coordinates
Axis position is maintained when display is turned off
Storage for 10 tools
Radius / diameter toggle
Mm/inch conversion
Display for top (Z0) and box way slide (Z1) both separate and in differential / cumulative mode for lathes


Convincing Price and Performance! With infinitely variable speed ajustment and constant cutting speed