KNUTH HB 810 L水平バンドソー

モデル:HB 810 L
¥4,146,328.20 JPY


レクト-キャップ (高さ):812.8 mm
レクト-キャップ (幅):838.2 mm
ラウンド キャップ:812.8 mm
スクエアー キャップ:812.8 mm
パワー:4 kW
ブレード 幅:40.89 mm
ブレード 厚さ:1.27 mm
ブレード 長さ:8,200 mm
大きさ:154" x 47" x 93"
重量:5060 (LBS)

For precise sawing of sections and solid material like steel, aluminum and other material

Every model of this series provides infinitely variable cutting speeds from 66 to 328 ft/min
Powerful, low-maintenance motors for high reliability
Hydraulic workpiece clamping is now standard equipment on all models
Pressure gauge ensures correct saw blade tension for increased blade life and lower cost
Removable coolant reservoir for simplified maintenance

NEW with linear guide technology!

Torsion-proof steel construction with dual-column guide – rigid and vibration absorbing
The saw frame features a mono-frame design for travel across large linear guides
Advanced hydraulic saw frame feed with new pressure regulating system (PAS) allows optimum adjustment for every sawing task: infinitely variable feed speed and cutting power control provide a wide spectrum of machining possibilities with just one saw blade type
The control valve features identifications and labeling for sheets, solid materials and various other material types to provide maximum user-friendly handling
The automatic saw blade guiding system synchronizes the band saw guide according to material cross-section
Optical registration of the workpiece height allows fully automated empty runs in rapid feed mode for a timely optimum change-over to work feed as well as limiting the vertical saw frame travel and keeping down-times to a minimum


Saw with highest precision where others meet their limits! High-Performance Band Saw for very large workpieces


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