COSEN SVC-170150Hプレートソー

場所:North Carolina


厚さ 能力:67 "
切削幅:59 "
大きさ:180"L x 86.6"W x 236"H
重量:70000 (LBS)

Height 1700mm (67”)
Throat 1500mm (59”)
Length 1500mm (59”)
Blade 20HP (15kw)
Hydraulic 3HP (2.2kw)
Coolant 1HP (0.75(kw)
Bed Height 2000mm (783/4”)
Floor Space 4580mm x 2200mm x 6000mm
(180.3” x 86.6” x 236.2”)


● Hydraulic positive feed saw frame with adjustable feed rate and cutting pressure control. Variable feed rate valve
and pressure control valve enable optimal cutting performance in any material.
● High strength saw frame travels on three linear rails ensuring machine rigidity and prevents vibration from cutting.
● The Blade Drive System for the saw blade comes from a 20 hp motor through a power effective high precision
Planetary Reducer. Meanwhile, blade speed is controlled by a highly efficient inverter. These specially built
mechanisms combine to offer an extensive speed range, which is easily adjustable on the control panel.
● Fixed Work Bed provides maximum structural integrity and work load allowance. Additional support tables are
available for oversized material
● Powered Guide Arm is hydraulically controlled from the operator’s station, allowing the operator to move the carbide
guides as close to the material as possible. Cylinder stroke is 1200mm.
● Hydraulic powered wire brush system featuring adjustable speed to effectively clean and prolong blade life. Hydraulic
motor featuring long usable life does not burn up in case of binding or overload situation.
● Independent control panel for convenient and safe operation

● Hydraulic Chip Auger features 2 stage design to efficiently evacuate metal shavings to accessible area. Auger
speed is adjustable to allow coolant retention. Hydraulic motor featuring long usable life does not burn up in case
of binging or overload situation.
● Laser Alignment Beam Light is very useful in insuring cutting accuracy on long material cutting. The laser beam
shines on the material allowing the operator to align the material to the cut width desired.
● Vibration Damper can effectively reduce blade vibration and enables smooth cut-off surfaces.
● Blade Deviation Detector will detect any blade deviation to insure straight cuts. The device can be pre-set to a deviation
value. If the value is exceeded the machine will stop.


Cosen Cross Cutting Plate Saws are the most effective machines for cutting large steel plates. Equipped with a heavy duty bow, the SVC-170150H has a servo driven motor and ball screw design for accurate movement. The saw also features a built-in roller bed design with hydraulic shuttle vise which can facilitate feeding of long pieces of material into the cutting area automatically.


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