BLANSKO SKSJ 1/11垂直タレット旋盤(VTL)

モデル:SKSJ 1/11
条件:使用 - 優れました


テーブル 径:452.8 "
スイング:578.7 "
作業 Ht-U/R:240.2 "
重量:275000 kg

1. Face plate diameter 6300 mm
Bottom flange diameter 6370 mm
Outer diameter, achieved at an open arm 11200 mm
The maximum diameter of the work piece, tightened in the floor grid
/for internal processing/ 14700 mm
The maximum weight of a processed work piece clamped in the chuck 100 tons
The maximum weight of a processed work piece clamped in the arm 75 tons
The highest rotating point of the chuck 5,000.00 kgsm
Power of the adjustment motor max. cat. 120
/motor adjustment range 1:10, at a constant capacity 1:2,7/

Dimming speed:
a) for turning: Grade 1 - r/min 0.5 to 5
Grade 2 - r/min 2 to 20
b) for milling: Grade 1 - r/min 0.00324 to 0.156
Grade 2 - r/min 0.000812 to 0.0390
Adjustment speed:
a). intermittent, i.e. turning from the chuck when adjusting the tool for cutting speed of facing

Grade 1 – r/min 0.25
Grade 2 – r/min 1
Grade 2 r/min. – 0.035
II.External support
Facing on the diameter 0 – 11500 mm
Milling and drilling on the diameter 0 – 11200
Move of the support on the girder 3750 mm
Horizontal movement of the stand (mechanical) 4320 mm
The greatest distance between the lathe chuck and the clamp on height 6100 mm
Move of the slider, i.e. greatest copy movement 2330 mm
After console movement, i.e. without copying 2700 mm
Vertical movement of the girder 2700 mm
Profile of slider 400 x 400 mm
The highest slope of slider on the vertical (mechanical) ±30
Smoothly adjustable feeders: Grade 1 - mm/min 0.158 - 7.74
Grade 2 - mm/min 3.17 - 155
Feeders for installation of the cutter bit mm/min 3.1 /delayed/
Rapid motion, vertical and horizontal, approximate mm/min 1200
Facing of cones with changeable gears without slider inclination:
44 inclinations of 1º in the range 2-45ºfrom the horizontal plane
Lifting speed of the girder mm/min 225
Displacement speed of the stand mm/min 650
The greatest effort in cutting 15,000 kg
Hole in the slider for the cutting head of the lathe - metric cone 220 mm
Largest cutter diameter 400 mm
Spindle speed in degrees
Machine weight 320 tons
Notice ; the machine works with one column and tow columns .


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