ETCHELLS MF40/1000アップセッター



重量:110 tons

This Heavy Duty Vertical Upsetter was primarily designed by Etchells to form AeroSpace Engine Turbine Blades and more specifically to form the ends of Jet Engine Turbine Blades up to 13” wide with a 2” thick upset on the ends. It was originally purchased and used by Rolls Royce. In the 1990's it was sold to GE Aviation and fully rebuilt and upgraded by Etchells before being installed in one of GE's USA plant sites. It was only used light and intermittently thereafter and was recently purchased by TrueForge. It is truly in Excellent condition.

1,000 ton capacity
Nominal diameter capacity 150.0 mm
Max upsetting tonnage 1,000.0 tons
Max gripping tonnage 1,000.0 tons
Grip opening 150.0 mm
Horizontal ram movement after dies are closed 203.2 mm
Strokes per minute (variable) 30 to 60 spm
Main motor power 75.0 kW
Gripping tool area dims:
width 762.0 mm
depth upper 560.0 mm
depth lower 560.0 mm
upper die thickness 200.0 mm
lower die thickness 200.0 mm
length 5,791.2 mm
width 3,962.4 mm
height above ground 4,038.6 mm
Net weight 110,000.0 kgs


Complete with:
• Four (4) Tie-Rod Construction
• Horizontally opposed griping dies
• Multi-Directional adjustment by wedges
• Flat-Base Construction
• Overload protection
• Adjustable front stock gauging device
• Easy tooling adjustment & die changing
• Operator’s Push-Button Controls + Pendant style controls
• Complete electrical & electronic systems w/480V /3/ 60 electric service
• Variable Speed Inverter
• Top & Bottom Die Heaters
• Air Clutch & Brake System
• Lubrication system
• Wichita flywheel shaft clutch #ATD 248
• Wichita flywheel shaft brake #ATD 236 L.I.
• Wichita camshaft clutch #ATD 336
• Wichita camshaft brake #ATD 218
• Grip Slide Wedge Locking System with lock/unlock motor
• Flywheel brake air cylinder 6” dia x 3” stroke
• Bolster removal motor
• Trabon lubrication system
• Electronic built-in Alarm system


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