BURGSMULLER RTM 300 X 3200 MM深い穴のドリル

モデル:RTM 300 X 3200 MM
条件:使用 - 優れました


掘削径:11.81 "

300 X 3200 mm, a lot of equipment


Equipment for production of screws and cylinders for extruders
1. Deep hole boring machine BURGSMULLER - Germany model: RTM 300x3200, year of manufacture: 1981
The machine has the following functions:
1. Drilling and boring up to L = 3200mm
- single hole up to 0 300 mm
- two parallel holes up to 2 x 0 160mm
- two conical holes up to 2 x 0 90 / 160mm
2. Honing up to 0 300
Description and pictures:
Produced by Burgsmuller company - Germany, year of production is 1981. The machine is for producing of screws, barrels for extruders and injection moulding machines. It has also second function - honing! It is equipped with devices and metalworking tools. The pumps are two with 2 pcs. filters systems / Bocsh/. Totally capacity of the oil tanks is 22000liter. The oil is available and in good condition. The equipment includes and 2pcs. „Boza”. The machine was modified in 1986 in order to produce conical twin cylinders, with tools and equipments for cylinder of extruder CM80. The machine is with little working time and it is in good condition