BRADBURY MCE 2-1/2-D3ロール フォーマー

モデル:MCE 2-1/2-D3
タイプ:ロール フォーマー


ロール スペース:1,219 mm
アーバー の 径:127 mm
パワー:74.6 kW
水平 センター:609.6 mm
垂直 センター:279.4 mm

Bradbury 16-Stands Geared Rollforming Line, consisting of:

a) Bradbury hydraulic coil car, 20,000lbs, 48”W;
b) Bradbury hydraulic uncoiler, model 460.48, serial # 12035, 20,000lbs, 48”W;
c) Bradbury entry hydraulic table, up / down / expand operation, with controller;
d) Entry guide;
e) Bradbury 16-stands rollformer (each stand with gear), model MCE 2½-D3, serial # 12036, 5” OD shaft, 6” - 11” vertical adjustments, 24” horizontal centers, 48” roll space, powered by 100-hp motor drive, 460V, 3 Phase, 60Hz;
f) Bradbury hydraulic 4-post cut-off, model 100TON, serial # 1190, 100-ton cap.;
g) Exit powered roller conveyor, 8’L x 4’W, with motor and control;
h) Bradbury rolling tool for Galvanized Steel Corrugated Roofing Sheet, serial BCO-1702;
i) Bradbury rolling tool for Galvanized Steel Corrugated Culvert, serial BCO-1702A.

Overall General Appearance: Good (“as-is”)
Overall Working Condition: Good (as taken from service)

- Complete Rollforming Line with Electrics, Hydraulics, Controls and Tooling.
- Used in the manufacturing of galvanized steel corrugated roofing sheets for domestic and commercial applications. Once installed the sheets has a net coverage of 24” width. It can be produce up to 22’ long in 24ga and 26ga.
- Also, it is tooled for culvert; the sheet has a net coverage of 24” width, in up to 16ga.
- Owned by a Multinational Company in Puerto Rico.
- Not installed.
- Machinery and Equipment SOLD AS-IS (No warranty expressed or implied).


16-stands, 5" shaft, 48" rollspace, 6"-11" vert, 24" horiz, 20,000# coil cart and uncoiler, 100-Ton cut-off, tooled.


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