WAGNER LTブレードグラインダソウ

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This automatic machine, featuring a 4-speed indexing drive, will accurately grind any standard number of teeth from 20 to 672, without use of costly index plates. Wheel and indexing strokes for generating the tooth form are cam controlled. The grinding head swivels to permit easy rake angle settings from 0º to 30º. This model will accurately & effectively grind the correct tooth form on all metal cutting circular saw blades and has been extended to sharpen blades from 14” to 60” diameter, and tooth pitches from 3/16” to 2-1/4”. Separate totally enclosed motors drive all components.

· Sturdy construction with precision bearings used throughout.

· Long dovetailed guideways with adjustable gibs for the grinding head.

· Convenient controls permit quick adjustment for accurate grinding of desired tooth form. Designed for accurately grinding either the triple chip or alternate bevel tooth form.

· Ideal for generating the tooth form for friction saw blades.

· Totally enclosed gear transmission with four indexing speeds of 25, 51, 38 and 78 strokes per minute.

· Automatic lubrication for gears and cams.

· No electric exhauster for dust extraction included.

· Grinding wheel widths can range from 1/8” to 1-1/8”. Minimum blade center hole is 1-1/8”, maximum without special clamp flanges is 4-1/2”.

· Two electric motors 230v 3 phase:
1 - grinding spindle motor, 1.7 hp, 3600 RPM
1 - 2-speed indexing motor, 1/0.5 hp, 1800/900 RPM

· Electric control for all motors, wrenches and guards, including one grinding wheel (9” diameter), one blade centering ring, an instruction book, and a standard set of gears.


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