LANDIS 3Rユニバーサル円筒研削盤

条件:中古品 - 良いです
場所:New York
$12,500.00 USD


スイング:14 "
センター:48 "
砥石車 径:14 "

Used Landis, Type 3R Universal Cylindrical Grinder,s/n: 796-77, 14"x48", w/Plunge

Nominal Work Swings: 14"
Nominal Dist. between Work Centers: 96"
Max. Work Swing and Dia. Standard Machine Will
Grind with Full Size Standard Wheel on Basic Machine: 14-31/32"
Min. Dia. Wheel to Grind Zero Dia. Work on Centers: 1/4"
Coolant Tank Capacity - Gallons: 40
Hydraulic Tank Capacity - Gallons: 25-1/2"
Height from Floor to Work Centerline: 43"

Work Carriage:
Traverse Speed-Inches per minute: 2 to 240
Traverse per Turn of Handwheel-Slow: 0.100"
Fast: 0.750"
Center Rest Capacity: 1" to 7"
Work Rest Capacity: 1/2" to 7"

Grinding Wheel Size-Standard: 14" X 1-1/2" X 5"
Grinding Wheelhead Swivel Range-Upper: 180 degrees
Lower: 60 deg. CW-30 deg. CCW
Grinding Wheel Spindle Speeds-RPM: 1720-2185
Automatic Infeed at Table Reversal*-on Dia. Basic Machines: 0.0003" to 0.004"
Machines with Hydraulic Infeed: 0.0002" to 0.004" *
Max. Distance Wheel Centerline to Work Centerline: 17-1/16"
Min. Distance Wheel Centerline to Work Centerline: 3"
Work Dia. Reduction per Revolution of Handwheel: 0.100"
Work Dia. Reduction per Revolution of Fine Feed Knob: 0.001"
Max. Hydraulic Feed-on Dia. for Hyd. Infeed Machines: 0.090" *
Rapid Infeed Stroke for Hyd. Infeed Machines: 1-1/2" *
Internal Spindle Speed-RPM: 15,000
Headstock Work Center: #14 Jarno
Footstock Work Center: #10 Jarno
Footstock Center Movement By:Lever and Handwheel
Work Speeds-Infinitely Variable-RPMLow Range: 25 to 125
High Range: 100 to 500
Dia. Hole Through Headstock Spindle: 1-7/16"
Headstock Swivel Range: 120 degrees
Headstock Spindle Nose: 6A-2

Electric Motors:
Wheel Motor Drive-HP: 3
Work Drive Motor-HP: 3/4
Hydraulic Oil Pump and Generator Drive Motor-HP: 2
Coolant Pump Motor-HP: 1/4
Internal Fixture Motor-HP: 1
Wheel Spindle Lubrication Pump Motor-HP: 1/4"

General Information:
Swivel Table Graduated-(Inches per foot): 4" *
Swivel Table Graduated-(Degrees include angle): 19 degrees
Floor Space Required: 74" X
Weight of Machine-Net: 10,400 Lbs.
*Specifications and features are general as taken from a Landis manual

Coolant system and splash guards
Internal grinding spindle, swing type (without quills)
Wheel center and flange
10" T-slot face plate
Jogren 5C Handwheel Collet Chuck with adapter plate
(4) Work rests (1) Center rest (incomplete)
Dresser holder (w/o Diamond)
Work centers
Misc. lot of grinding wheels

CONDITION: Very good, can be demonstrated under power.


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