CITIZEN A16VIスイスタイプ自動スクリューマシン

コントロール:CNC (FANUC Oi-T)


スピンドル ホール径:16 mm
回転数:6000 rpm

The A16 has many Features not found in other Swiss Automatics.
1) Simultaneous 4 Axes control
2) AC Servo Axes Control
3) Main Spindle Speed 100 ~ 6,000 rpm 4-digit stepless command
4) Back Spindle Speed (S4-digits Direct Command) (100 ~ 6,000 rpm)
5) 3 Live Tool Spindle Unit, spindle speed (100 ~ 4,500rpm)
6) Back Spindle Unit
7) Work-piece Chute
8) Expanded Cutting Oil Tank with Oil Level Detector (34 Gal Oil Capacity)
9) Air Sealed Synchronous Type Rotary Guide Bushing Unit (uses S&M 0201)
10) Main Spindle Collet Chuck Unit (uses S&M TF20)
11) Back Spindle Collet Chuck Unit (uses S&M TF20)
12) Door Switch and Interlock
13) Centralized Lubrication System (1 Qt Oil Capacity)
14) Leveling Bolts & Pads
15) Tool Package: 5 Turning Holder for T11 to T15 (10mm shank) (1pc)
3/4" Diameter 4-Sleeve Holder (1 pc)
3/4" diameter Double End Sleeve, 65mm length (uses ER11) (2 pcs)
3/4" diameter Tap & Die Sleeve (uses ER11) (1 pc)
17) Hand Tools (spanners, wrenches, etc.)
18) One Complete Set of Manuals for A16
19) One Complete Set of Manuals for FANUC 0i-TD
20) Test Chart
21) Dedicated Cover
22) Parameter List
23) Bar Feed Interface
24) Display Language English
25) 8.4" Color LCD/MDI
26) Absolute/Incremental Command
27) Automatic Power Off Function
28) Background Editing
29) Canned Cycle for Threading, Main (G92)
30) Constant Surface Speed Control, Main (G96/97)
31) Cycle Time Check Function
32) Decimal Point Input
33) Feed Command by mm/rev or mm/min (switchable by G code)
34) Manual Feed by Handle ( X, Y, Z, A2)
35) Minimum Increment (0.001mm)
36) Number of Tool Offset (64 pairs)
37) Part Program Storage Area: 640M tape length
38) Canned Cycle for Drilling
39) Radius Designation on Arc
40) Reference Point Return (Absolute Position Detector)
Standard Specifications of CNC System
41) Self-Diagnosis Function
42) Main Spindle Index (1 degree)
43) Single Point Threading, Main
44) Spindle Speed Fluctuation Detection, Main (G25, 26)
45) Z-A2 Axis Synchronization Function
46) Rigid Tapping Function for Main and Live Tool Spindle
47) Main and Back Simultaneous Machining
48) Work-piece Counter Display
49) Tool Nose Radius Compensation
50) Corner Chamfer/Radius
51) Multiple Repetitive Cycle
52) Drawing Size Direct Input
53) Custom Macro B
54) Continuous Threading
55) Number of Machining Data Registration (10)

List price:
A16 Type VI Machine: $101,000.00
Gravity Feeder Rear Stand: $1,595.00
Gravity Feeder Front Stand w/Pulley and Swing Out Support: $1,495.00
End Of Bar Indicator with Oil Proof Sensor and Red / Green Light: $795.00
Gravity Slotted Bar Feed Tube With .625 OD / .407 ID / .050 Slot: $495.00
Gravity Feeder Rotating Tip Push Rod 10MM: $320.00
Spindle Liner for 19/64” Stock: $500.00
Spindle Liner for 5/16” Stock: $500.00
BZ-3Color Patlite: $435.00
List Price for A16 Type VI Machine: $107,135.00


Barely used A16 VI.
Client lost the job and never used it again.
Wants out of the payments. Possible that 10% down would take over his remaining payments.


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