HAAS VF-9立型マシニングセンタ



X:2,134 mm
Y:1,016 mm
Z:762 mm

General Specifications As Per Brochure (Please Verify Details):

Table Size: 84"L x 36"W
X-Axis Travels: 84"
Y-Axis Travels: 40"
Z-Axis Travels: 30"
Spindle To Table Distance: 4" - 34"
Table Capacity: 4,000 lb.
Spindle Taper: BT-40
Spindle Speeds: 10,000 RPM
Transmission: 2-Speed Gear Box
Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Y/Z): 600 / 600 / 330 IPM
Maximum Cutting Feed Rate: 300 IPM
Tool Changer Style: Carousel
Tool Changer Capacity: 20 Stations
Spindle Drive: 22 HP High Torque
Voltage: 195-260 Volt, 3 Phase
Machine Dimensions: 181" x 117" x 110"
Machine Weight: 28,000 lbs
Equipped With:
Wired for 4th Axis Interface
Brushless Interface
Programmable Coolant
Quick Code
Rigid Tapping
15 Meg Memory
High Speed Machining

Haas Recently replaced the following:

New spindle motor and transmission
New spindle belts and pulleys
New stack light
New Motor control board
Lube system repair
New front windows and seals
New Coolant Line from pump to spindle
New Coolant Spray Down Hose
New Pneumatic valve that releases the CAT 40 tool holder
Newly installed High Speed Machining upgrade
New Processor Board, 15 MB, part of High Speed Machining
New 3.5 Floppy to USB conversion installation, old 3.5 Floppy
New Y axis screw assembly, bearings, and coupler
New Y axis drive 45 amp amplifier
New X screw coupler
2 New Z axis counter balance cylinders and hoses, lube,
pressure sensors, and nitrogen charge
Lube System Pressure Sensor


Haas VF-9, 1997, 84"X, 40"Y, 30"Z, 4th Wiring, 10K RPM, P-Cool, Rigid Tapping


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