タイプ:レーザー スキャナー


大きさ:72" x 48" Table x 12" H(Max Component Piece)
重量:880 lbs Max Component Weight
管理:CNC (PC Control & Stand)

Task Time Seconds
Automatically locate the CAD file (if using a bar code scanner) 1.0
Isolate and extract the shape of the part from the CAD file 2.0
Identify and create virtual features from collections of sub-features, e.g. an obround from 2 lines and 2 arcs, or a circle from a set of broken arcs 3.0
Filter and repair the CAD file for a range of issues, including duplicate entities, orphaned entities, open perimeters, lines on top of lines, broken lines or arcs, etc. 5.0
Isolate and extract the critical dimensions from the CAD file 6.0
Convert the dimensions into an inspection report (alternatively inspection reports can be automatically generated, or manually defined) 6.5
Isolate and extract the tolerances on the dimensions and use these in the report 6.6
Alternatively apply a user defined set of tolerance rules to the inspection report, e.g. ISO 2768f 6.7
Measure the entire table, up to 40 million times, in 0.1 seconds, while ignoring any dirt, scratches and foreign bodies that cover the glass. 6.8
Align the measurements to the CAD nominal shape 13.0
Create and start printing a deviation map of the part, which color codes and exaggerates the differences between the CAD file and the nominal 15.0
Alternatively create and start printing a GO/NO-GO diagram 15.0
Create and start printing a color coded Inspection Report Diagram 15.0
Create and start printing an Inspection Report 15.0
Export the results to SPC 15.0
Launch any required 3rd party software or batch files, e.g. for controlling in-line robotic systems. 16.0


• Max Component Size (Table Size): 72” x 48” (1830mm x 1220mm)
• Max Component Height: 12.8” (350mm)
• Max Part Weight 880 lbs (400Kg)
• Shape Accuracy (um): 50/100
• Height Accuracy (um): 100


The Planar system has been specially designed for use in the sheet metal industry for quality control and reverse engineering applications. The system can be used for very quickly measuring or reverse engineering flat parts which have been manufactured on laser, plasma and water jet cutting systems as well as punched and some stamped parts. We have been supplying the Planar system to the sheet metal industry for over ten years during which time we have consulted with many major manufacturers to fully understand the requirements expected from our measuring system and integrating these into the Planar.

There are Planar machines installed and operating in more than 30 countries worldwide and the list of countries is growing. Planar customers range from small job shops to multi-billion dollar turnover companies covering almost every industry that uses sheet metal such as electronics & communication industries, automotive and aerospace.

The applications for the Planar system however are not only limited to just the sheet metal industry. Any material that is flat and opaque such as paper, wood, polymers, cloth, cork and even fabrics can be measured on Planar. There are specialized modules within our award winning software to allow the user to measure things like gaskets, tubes and O-Rings. You can even measure multiple parts simultaneously and reverse engineer paper drawings and image files to dxf's! We have many customers who have purchased Planar for these features alone. .

For speed we cannot be beaten by any other competing system - Planar can take up to 40 million measurements in 0.1 seconds! This makes our system the fastest in the world for both inspection and reverse engineering of flat parts. We also have the largest range of available models and accuracies available.