TECHNIDRILL .250-4-1A-10,ガンドリル

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最大径 ホール ドリルド:0.371 "
最大 ドリリング 深さ:10 "
大きさ:84" x 144"x 72"
管理:CNC (Fanuc Panelmate Programmable PLC Control)

Fanuc Panelmate Programmable PLC Control, Programmable Variable Spindle Speed and Ballscrew Servo Feed, Pneumatic Part Clamping, Readouts, Load Meters, Dual Barnes High Pressure Oil Based Coolant with Turbo Magnetic Separator and Magnetic Conveyor, Note: This 4 Spindle Gun Drill was Originally built by Technidrill in year 2000 with serial number 7208-02/00. It was redone in 2005 by Technidrill and Given a New serial Number 7277. At that time it was setup and fixtured with Pneumatic Clamping to put a .2165" hole x 5.94" deep in a shaft that was approximately 1" diameter 8 .5 " Long. Drilling time was 1.81 Minutes for this Part. The Spindle Speed was 4675 rpm with carbide tipped gun drill in steel that was 225 Brinell Hardness. This Gun drill is Essentially Two (2) Spindle Gun Drills Mounted Side by Side on a Common Base and Divided by A See-thru Partition. Each Side or 2 Spindle Set has it's own High Pressure Coolant System. A New Machine is Approximately $ 450,000. In 2005 Technidrill Charged Approximately $ 1,700 to re-tool it and $ 23,000 for fixturing and Pneumatic Part Clamping for the previous mentioned Part. This Machine Can be Economically Altered for Any Part, for Example the Spindle Speed Range is just New Belts and Pulleys for about $ 1,200. New Gundrill hole sizes, bushings, box Carriers and seals are about $600 per spindle. This Machine Comes with an Extensive Set of Manuals and Prints. Cosmetics are a 9+ out of 10.

Approximate Part Size Capacity ............... 14" x 10"
Current Fixtured Part Cap for Shafts with
Pneumatic Clamping is Approximately .... 1" x 8.5"
Drilling Capacity Diameter ........ .031 - .371" Max
Drill Head Stroke ( Hole Depth )....... 10" Maximum
Approx Penetration Rate ( Brinell 225).... 3.5"\ Min
Spindle Speeds .......................... 2,000 - 8,000 rpm
Spindle Horsepower................................ 1 HP Baldor Motors
Electrics of Spindle Motors......... 208/230/480/3/60
Approx. Machine Dim Set Up. .......84" x 144"x 72"
Approximate Machine Weight................. 12,000 lbs


.031-.375 x 10" Technidrill 4 spindle Gun Drill, 10" Travel Ballscrew Driven Variable Speed Infeed, Approx. Part Size Cap 14" H x 10" L, High Pressure Coolant w/ Mag Sep & Conveyor


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