SANJIA TS2120G X3深い穴のドリル

モデル:TS2120G X3
コントロール:CNC (Siemens or Fanuc)


掘削径:80 mm
穴あけ深さ:10,000 mm
管理:CNC (Siemens or Fanuc)

TS2120G deep hole boring machine
range of boring hole Dia Ø 40- 200mm
range of drilling hole Dia Ø40- 80mm
Max boring &drilling depth 1-16 m one sepcification every each one meter
center height from horizental rail to spindle center 400mm
Headstock spindle hole Dia 70mm
Front spindle taper hole 85mm,1:20
spindle rotation speed ,steps 40-1200r/min infinite
feeding speed 5-3200mm/min stepless
clamping Dia of workpiece Ø 50-400mm
main motor N=37kw, n=1460r/min inve
drilling bar box spindle hole dia 75mm
front spindle taper hole of drilling bar box 85mm,1:20
drilling bar box spindle rotation speed ,steps 80-350r/min 6 steps
feeding motor N=4.4kW AC servo
carriage rapid motor N=3kW,n=2880r/min
cooling pump motor N=5.5Kw,n=1460r/min 4groups
hydraulic pumo motor N=1.5kW,n=1440r/min
rated pressure of cooling system 2.5MPa
volume of cooling system 100,200,300,400l/min
rated pressure of hydraulic system 6.3MPa
Max. Axis force for sealing head: 68kN
Max. Clamping force by sealing head on work piece: 20kN


DEEPHOLE DRILLING & BORING MACHINE is suitable for the drilling, boring and rolling , trepanning, processing of all kinds hydraulic oil cylinder, cylinder and other precision tube fittings, especially for the precision processing of step holes. The hole diameter accuracy of machined workpiece can be up to and over IT7~IT8, and the surface roughness reach Ra0.2~0.3μ m. The bed adopts iron steel so that it is strong in rigidity. On the double flat guide way, it equipped the rolling linear guide way. So it has high move precision and high abrasion proof. The bed is also the cooling box, so it is strengthen the stability of bed and reduce the shake. It equipped the Germany SIEMENS 828D or FANUC CNC system (or appoint by customer). It is AC motor for the headstock, tow grade and stepless. The bearing of spindle is high precision FAG bearing and it is strong in rigidity and high precision in rotating. The feeding box adopts AC servo motor, stepless, and it is equipped with high precision ball screw. It adopts the hydraulic elements which is stable in capability made in Taiwan Kompass (or appointed by customer). It adopt scraps discharging by spindle, it equipped automatic discharge scrap equipment and it is not leak. It can also equipped high efficiency automatic expand-draw back combined tools. It is an ideal machine for deephole processing with high precision and efficiency.


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