WEMA VOGTLANDロータリー、トラニオン(垂直&水平)トランスファーマシン

条件:使用 - 優れました
コントロール:CNC (SIEMENS 840 D)


大きさ:16 x 25 m
重量:65000 kg
管理:CNC (SIEMENS 840 D)


7 stations flexible Rotary Transfer machine for machining car waterpump housings made of diecast aluminium.
6 processing stations 1 Station for automatic loading and unloading of the workpiece with 2-axis gantry loader.
4 stations equiped with horizontal 3D machining Units with 6-fold turret Ketterer HSK C50/C63 with internal cooling supply 40 bar and spindle recooling units. All horizontal stations with workspace x400y500z630 mm.
1 Station equiped with vertical 3D machining unit with 6-fold turret Ketterer HSK C50/C63 with internal cooling supply 40 bar mechanical holding brake and electical counterbalancing. Workspace x400 y800 z320 mm.
1 Station with multi spindle units mounted on cnc slide unit with rotary table 6 stations consisting of 2 pieces multi-spindle drilling units 2 pieces of multi-treading units and 2 pieces of test units for tool breakage monitoring and testing of the core holes bevor threading. 7 stations rotary table cnc controlled with 7 workpiece stations full cnc controlled locking through hirth coupling. Machine
equiped with 6 pieces of Siemens 840D to control each processing station. 1 pieces of Siemens 840D to main control complete machine and workpiecehandling. Knoll cooland system with paperfilter and chip conveyor and high pressure pumps. Second central Knoll chip conveyor and electrostatic filter system.
Inspection everytime but latest till calendar week 24/2016 after conversation. Machine availabel calendar week 30/2016.
Simple conversion of the system by replacing only the workpiece clamping devices. Easy replacement of the workpiece addicts fixed multiple spindle drilling equipment through any hole pattern.
Machine with big workspace and high workpiece wights.
Perfect machine for diecast and moulded aluminium workpieces.
At Moment loading and unloading with 2-axis gantry loader. Easy integration with robot to a diecasting machine. Current workpiece
car water pump housing 320 x 250 x 180 mm during wight 6,5 kg.