FERMAT WRFT 130水平テーブルタイプボーリングミルズ

モデル:WRFT 130
コントロール:CNC (Heidenhain iTNC 530, Fanuc 31i)


スピンドル サイズ:130 mm
表のX HORIZ TVL:2,400 mm
ヘッドのYヴェールTVL:2,000 mm
パワー:37 kW
表A-W:2,050 mm
表A-L:2,050 mm
重量:from 40,000kg/ 88,184lb
管理:CNC (Heidenhain iTNC 530, Fanuc 31i)

The WRFT 130 CNC represents a specific Table Type of horizontal boring mill with a Movable Life Spindle and a Movable Ram. Because of this modern design, the Horizontal Boring Mill WRFT 130 is a universal Boring and Milling Machine that allows efficient processing of large and heavy workpieces, while ensuring high precision and high quality of operation. Its main feature is a modular concept that allows great operational variability in configurations, according to the clients requirements. Modern control systems (usually Heidenhain) provide very comfortable manipulation of the machine and many useful functions for the user.

Horizontal Boring Mill WRFT 130 offers 6 axes travel (X, Y, Z, V, W and B). Given additional optional accessories, it is possible to increase number of controlled axes. During the metal processing, the column of the machine adopts Z-axis movement and the workpieces are clamped on a rotary table that travels in the X-axis.

Variety of selectable parameters: table travel X-axis = from 2,400mm to 9,500mm, headstock travel Y-axis = 2,000, 2,500, 3,000, 3,500, or 4.000mm, column travel Z-axis = from 2.100 to 3.900mm. There are 6 possible table sizes - combinations of 2.000, 2.500, and 3.000mm.

Equipped with a standard boring mill live spindle (5.1, 5.9. or 6.3 in./130, 150 or 160 mm), the spindlebox moves on an adjustable mounting platform and can be equiped with a variety ofangle heads, manual angle heads, support spindle sleeves, etc. The spindlebox is driven by servo drive and can reach of axial force of 25kN.

Rotary table consists of three main parts: bed, slide, and rotary clamping plate, which are all of a robust X-braced casting. The clamping plate lies of cross roller taper bearing resistance that secures high load capacity up to 40,000 kg with minimal passible resistances. The rotary movement of the table is provided by two pinions. Each of them has its own servomortor with planet gearbox.

Control system: Heidenhain iTNC 530 / Fanuc 31i / Siemens 840D


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