モデル:PROJET 4500
条件:使用 - 優れました
場所:New Hampshire


大きさ:36" x 60" x 60"

2014 ProJet® 4500

Only 115 Hours !!

Price $23,880.00 NET


The machine has only run 15 jobs since purchased in May 2014.

116 hours of run time according to the print logs.

This prints in full color and produces “plastic like” parts without

additional infiltration with hardeners.

Post processing is blow off the powder in the built in powder

recycling station and do a quick dip in isopropyl alcohol to “bring

out the color” on color parts.

If monochrome parts that step is not needed.

Professional 3D Printer

The industry’s only photo realistic full-color plastic 3D printer
Combine the Power of Vibrant Full Color With Durable Plastic Materials

The ProJet® 4500 gives you the power to make ready-to-use, flexible, strong parts, colored pixel by pixel, with superior surface quality. This 3D printer is quick and efficient, and features intuitive operation controls, so you can ensure high productivity and cut operating costs.

Combine outer beauty with inner toughness and have durable, full-color plastic parts right out of the printer from the ProJet 4500. Using ColorJet printing technology and the VisiJet® C4 Spectrum™ plastic material, the ProJet 4500 allows you to quickly create true-to-life prototypes of your end product, accurately display vital features, and produce high-resolution, customized end-use products.

The ProJet 4500 prints fast, generates minimal waste, requires no supports and delivers ready-to-use, full-color, functional parts and assemblies without post-processing or painting. This category-defining 3D printer is ideal for consumer products, home furnishings, healthcare, toys and collectibles companies, and completely shifts the paradigm for professionals engaged in architectural modeling, marketing communications, fashion design and more. Easy-to-use, sustainable to operate and fast to print on, the ProJet 4500 is economical and comes with fully integrated material recycling for greater yield and better total material usage.

Trust your concept models and end-use parts –

The ProJet 4500 produces long-lasting plastic parts.

Make models as brilliant as you are – Present every detail of your part, utilizing almost one million colors and superior surface finish capabilities.
Create parts faster – The ProJet 4500 features fast print speeds, and parts are ready to use right out of the printer, no post-processing or painting required.
Conserve materials – The ProJet 4500’s material recycling capabilities, and its ability to produce parts that do not require supports, make it economical and eco-friendly.


3D Print Technology Multi-Jet Modeling Technology
Net Build Volume 8 x 10 x 8 in (203 x 254 x 203 mm)
Resolution 600 x 600 DPI
Accuracy (typical) 0.004 in (0.1 mm)
Vertical Build Speed 0.3 in/hour (8 mm/hour)
Build Materials VisiJet C4 Spectrum
Support Material N/A

Dimensions - 3D Printer Crated 75 x 48 x 68 in (190 x 122 x 172 cm)
Dimensions – 3D Printer Uncrated 64 x 60 x 31.5 in (162 x 80 cm x 152 cm)
Weight – 3D Printer Crated 750 lbs (340 kg)
Weight – 3D Printer Uncrated 600 lbs (272 kg)
Electrical 100-240V, 15-7.5A
Office Compatibility Yes



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