WILLIS RD1300Hラジアルドリル



アーム 長さ:1.3 m
コラム径。:301.6 mm
パワー:5.6 kW
回転数:1500 rpm


Willis Machinery has been selling radial arm drills since 1963 and the Bear radial arm drill series for more than 20 years. The Willis Bear radial drilling machines range from the
RD-750 Little Bear radial drilling machine through four sizes to the largest, the RD-1700H model radial arm drill press. The RD-750 and RD-1100 radial arm drilling machines utilize manual clamping. The RD-1300H and 1700H radial drill machines feature a hydraulic clamping system. The Willis Bear series radial arm drill models have arm lengths of 30 inch, 45 inch, 51 inch and 66 inch respectively. The RD-1300H and RD-1700H radial drilling machines make use of a five Morse taper spindle (5MT), the remaining Bear radial drill models make the most of a 4 Morse taper (4MT) spindle. Willis Bear radial arm metalworking machines are consistently in stock and are supported by an extensive inventory of replacement parts. Willis radial arm drills include hardened and ground steel gears that run in an oil bath. These radial drilling machines incorporate a spindle and quill made from hardened and ground alloy steel. Spindle return tension is easily adjustable on our radial drills through a well-built return spring. A Double wall column with an oversize bearing provides easy rotation and maximum stiffness on all Willis radial arm drilling machines. Power-feed rates on these radial machines are easily selected and can be changed while spindle in running. Limit switches on our radial arm drilling machines are used to prevent over travel with power-feed. The radial arms are raised and lowered by a separate motor with safety nut for operation safety. Limit switches prevent radial arm over travel. Hardened steel wear strips for top of arm ways allow for smooth head travel. A Flood coolant system is provided on all Willis radial arm drills. Box tables with T-slots on both top and side surfaces are also standard on Willis radial arm drills. Fluorescent work light is provided. Toolbox, tools, and operator/parts manual is also provided on all Willis radial arm drilling machines


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