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トンネージ:6,500 t
ストローク:2,700 mm

(Used) 6500ton open die free forging press
Make: Korean
New in 2009
Press type: Four column Push down Oil hydraulic
Nominal force (static working pressure of 320 bar): 5000Ton
Up-setting force (static working pressure of 420 bar): 6500Ton
Daylight: 5200mm
Stroke of movable cross head: 2700mm
Main ram diameter (center cylinder): 1 set, 950mm
Side ram diameter (side cylinder): 2 sets, 750mm
Return cylinder ram diameter: 2 sets, 300mm
Moving table: 2600mm W x 6600mm L
Moving table stroke (center to both sides 2750mm): 5500mm
Approaching speed: 300mm/sec
Main cylinder forging speed (2200tons / 320 bar): 163mm/sec
All cylinder forging speed (5000tons / 320 bar): 73mm/sec
Up-setting forging speed (6500tons / 420bar): 10mm/sec
Return speed: 270mm/sec
Hydraulic main pump: 12 sets Rexroth plunger pump (A7VO + A2FO)
Electric main motor: 12 sets 300kW, 6p, 3.3KV – 3600kW(Hyundai)
Main tank volume: 42000 Liter
Overall dimension: Height above floor level 13900mm, Depth 3760mm
Weight of press: 1200ton
Associated with –
Tool shifting device (stroke 4800mm)
Top die clamping device
Die magazime device (4 stages)
Pop-up turn table for ingot (50tons x 1300mm)

(Used) 80Ton rail bound manipulator
Make: Korean
New in 2009
Manipulator type: Rail bound Oil hydraulic
Nominal carrying capacity: 80Ton
Load moment: 160 meter-Ton
Tongs opening: Max 2200mm / Min 420mm
Max turning diameter: 3600mm
Min Tongs central height above rails: 1800mm
Max Tons central height above rails: 3000mm
Vertical stroke of tongs parallel to floor: 1200mm
Vertical tilting angle of tongs: Up 13.8 degree / Down 13.8 degree
Horizontal side shift of tongs: ±400mm
Horizontal slew angle of tongs: ±13 degree
Central rail distance: 4200mm
Rotation speed: Max 16 rpm
Travelling speed: 30 ~ 330/360 mm/sec
Lifting speed: 120mm/sec
Travelling distance: 18 meter
Hydraulic main pump: 4 sets Rexroth plunger pump A7VO
Electric main motor: 4 sets 132kW, 6p, 440V – 528kW Hyundai
Overall dimension: 5200mm H x 6700mm W x 15700mm L
Weight of manipulator: 400ton

(Used) 6300mm Ring Rolling Mill
Make: Korean
New in 2009
Manipulator type: Rail bound Oil hydraulic
Type: Radial-Axial
Outside diameter of finished ring: 1200 ~ 6300mm
Height of finished ring: 80 ~ 1000mm
Inside diameter of ring blank for mandrel diameter 300mm: Min 320mm
Height of ring blank: Max 1050mm
Ring weight: Max 12000Kg
Radial rolling force: Max 300Ton
Main roll diameter: 1200mm
Rolling speed: Max 1.7m/sec
Horizontal stroke of mandrel: 1000mm
Axial rolling force: 250Ton
Length of taper theoretical: 1400mm
Taper cone angle: 35 degree
Horizontal stroke of axial roll stand: 5700mm
Vertical stroke of upper axial roll: 1050mm
Max distance between the axial rolls: 1120mm
Main roll driving motor: DC 710kW x 570V
Axial roll driving motor: DC 710kW x 570V
Hydraulic main pump motor: 4 sets 90kW, 440V, 60Hz
Cooling circulation motor: 2 sets 3.7kW, 440V, 60Hz
Hydraulic pump: 4 sets, A4V, 180 Rexroth
Max total flow: 720 Liter / Min
Operation pressure: 210 Kg/cm2
Grease lubrication unit: 2 sets


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