MORI SEIKI NMV5000 DCG立型マシニングセンタ

モデル:NMV5000 DCG
コントロール:CNC (Fanuc 31i A5)


X:729 mm
Y:510.5 mm
Z:510.5 mm
パワー:22.4 kW
回転数:12000 rpm
表A-W:500.4 mm
表A-L:500.4 mm
テーパー:Cat 40 Big Plus
管理:CNC (Fanuc 31i A5)

Travel: X-Axis 28.7"
Y-Axis 20.1"
Z-Axis 20.1"
B-Axis (Tilt) + 160 to - 180 Degrees
C-Axis (Rotate) .001 Degrees
Table Size 19.7" x 19.7"
Spindle Speed 12,000 RPM
Spindle Taper Cat 40 Big Plus
Spindle Nose to Table Top 5.1" - 25.2"
Spindle Motor 30 / 24.7 / 20 HP
Tools 300
Table Load Capacity 660 lbs.
Rapid Traverse Rates (X & Y / Z) 1968 / 1575 IPM
Max Workpiece Dia / Height 27.6" / 17.7"
B-Axis Rotational Speed 50 RPM
C-Axis Rotational Speed (Milling / Turning) 120 / 500 RPM
B-Axis Rotational Motor 20.1 HP
C-Axis Rotational Motor (Milling / Turning) 7.2 / 46.7 HP
Max Tool Diameter 3.5" / 4.9"
Max Tool Length 11.8"
Max Tool Weight 17.6 lbs.
Machine Weight 28,600 lbs.

15" Color TFT
5-Axis Rotary / Tilt Table with Rotational Turning Capability
Designed at the Center of Gravity (DCG Model)
Dual Y & Z Axis Ballscrews
MAPPS Camera Function, 3 Cameras (Machine, Magazine, Chip Bucket)
3-D Tool Compensation
(5) Station Auto Pallet Changer with Set Up Station
300 Tool Magazine
Scale Feedback on B & C-Axes
Coolant Thru Spindle (1000 psi)
Metrol In Machine Tool Measurement
Third & Fourth Axis reference Position Return
300 Sets Additional Workpiece Coordinates
Custom Macro Common Variables
Inverse Time Feed
8 Digit Program Numbers
High Speed 5-Axis Machining Package
A1 Contour Control Function II
Fast Data Server
Tool Tip Control for 5-Axis Machining
Rotary Table Dynamic Fixture Offset
Chip Conveyor (Rear Discharge Scraper Type)
Spindle Chiller Unit
Remote Manual Pulse Generator
Program Restart
Optional Block Skip
High Speed Skip
Three Color Tower Light


5-Axis Rotary / Tilt Table with Rotational Turning Capability, Designed at the Center of Gravity (DCG Model), Dual Y & Z Axis Ballscrews, MAPPS Camera Function, 3 Cameras (Machine, Magazine, Chip Bucket), 3-D Tool Compensation, (5) Station Auto Pallet Changer with Set Up Station, 300 Tool Magazine, Scale Feedback on B & C-Axes, Coolant Thru Spindle (1000 psi), Metrol In Machine Tool Measurement, Third & Fourth Axis Reference Position Return, 300 Sets Additional Workpiece Coordinates, Custom Macro Common Variables, Inverse Time Feed, 8 Digit Program Numbers, High Speed 5-Axis Machining Package, A1 Contour Control Function II, Fast Data Server, Tool Tip Control for 5-Axis Machining, Rotary Table Dynamic Fixture Offset, Chip Conveyor (Rear Discharge Scraper Type), Spindle Chiller Unit, Remote Manual Pulse Generator, Program Restart, Optional Block Skip, High Speed Skip, Three Color Tower Light


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