¥833,871.75 JPY


スイング:355.6 mm
センター:1,016 mm
スピンドル ボア:50.8 mm
パワー:1.5 kW
回転数:2000 rpm
スイング オーバー クロス スライド:203.2 mm

Precision Lathe PM-1440GT Main Specifications
Type Geared Head
Model PM-1440GT
Max. Swing over bed 14"
Max. Swing over cross slide 8-3/4"
Max. Swing in gap 20-3/4"
Center Height 7"
Spindle Center Line Distance from Floor Approx. 47"
Max. Distance Between Centers 40"
Width of Bed 7-9/16”
Bed Height 11.5”
Spindle Bore 2”
Spindle Taper, Internal MT #6
Spindle Mounting System Cam Lock, D1-5
Spindle Speeds 50-2000 RPM, 12 Steps
50, 70, 95, 140, 180, 250, 340, 510, 700, 980, 1350, 2000 RPM
Bed Length 65-3/4"
Lead Screw Diameter / Pitch 7/8” / 4 TPI
Feed Rod Diameter 3/4”
Inch Thread Cutting Range 3-56 TPI, 36 Different Threads
Metric Thread Cutting Range .4-7.2mm Pitch, 34 Different Threads
Longitudinal Feed Range (Left and Right) .0026-.0368 Inches Per Revolution
Cross Feed Range (In and Out) .0013-.0184 Inches Per Revolution
Spindle Length through headstock, Protruding End to Chuck
Mounting face
Spindle Length through headstock, Protruding End to 3 Jaw
Chuck face
Approx. 19-1/2”
Cross Slide Travel 7-1/2”
Compound Travel 3-1/2”
Tail Stock Quill Diameter 1-9/16”
Tail Stock Quill Taper MT #3
Tail Stock Quill Travel 4”
Main Motor Horsepower 2 HP Single Phase, or 3 HP Three Phase
Voltage / Phase/ Amps 220 Volt, 1 Phase / 13 Amps Max.
Or 220 Volt 3 Phase / 9 Amps Max
Max. Dimensions 58”H x 26”W x 73”L
Machine Weight 1750 LBS


2" Spindle Bore! Available in either SINGLE PHASE or 3 PHASE Power, your choice, 5 Year Warranty! Coming back in to stock approx. 6-8 weeks from today, Sept 12th 2016 - New Model, exclusively designed by us at Precision Matthews, made in Taiwan, very, very high end quality, and an unbelievable price!

Machine Standard Features and Equipment:
PM-1440GT Main Features
 Highest Quality Lathe, Made in TAIWAN
 Large 2” Spindle Bore clear through spindle for through-headstock work
 Short Spindle Length, only 15-1/2", perfect for gunsmithing work
 Power feed on Carriage, and Cross Slide, both left and right, and in and out, for both turning and
facing operations with automatic feed. Allows for the best surface finish in all directions.
 Induction Hardened and Precision Ground Bed Ways to resist wear and give a long service life
 All gears and shafts in headstock hardened and precision ground for long life and extremely quiet
 FC-25 Meehanite Cast Iron used for rigidity and vibration dampening
 Removable Gap for larger diameter work
 High quality electronics used throughout machine
 Slip Clutch on feed rod, to help prevent overloading damage of feeds and allow the use of a solid
carriage stop for repetitive work
 Precision Tapered Roller Bearings used in spindle, for the ultimate in long life, high precision, and
best surface finishes. Guaranteed Run Out +/- .0001" for ultimate precision
 Inch AND Metric thread cutting ability is a standard feature
 True INCH PITCH main lead screw, cross feed, and compound lead screws make it easy to use
for the INCH measurement System, yet still has the Metric readings on dials for the ultimate in
versatility for any job that may come about
 Splash oil bath lubrication in Headstock, and Apron, for efficient lubrication, and long life, yet
simple and reliable, and does not require any filter changes or pump maintenance as with oil pump
lubrication systems. Also no risk of losing oil flow to expensive parts as there can be with pump
lubricated systems
 Only Extremely High Precision Japanese Spindle Bearings are used, NSK, NTN, or NACHI
 Locking Tang in tail stock is provided
 Longest in class, 5 Year Warranty



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