WATERBURY FARRELスリッター およびスリッター ライン

タイプ:スリッター およびスリッター ライン
¥2,285,676.41 JPY


ワークの最大幅:609.6 mm

24” Waterberry slitting line

Arbor size is 3.250, good for light gauge.
This is a driven head with driven exit pinch
Includes hydraulic scrap winder (800 Lb
with traverse arm, full set of slitter knives
tooling (see attached).
4,000 Lbs 24” uncoiler with air brake
we have a 24” re-coiler with over-arm
8,000 Lb capacity with hydrualic push off, 16”
drum. This was not part of the line but can be
used with this line. Motor is 35 hp DC

tooling for 24" waterbury Farrel slitter

24" #2 Waterbury Farrel Slitter

3.250" Arbors
Louis Allis 5 HP DC Gear Motor solid state Drive
and Control

Driven Exit Pinch rollers for de-burring

42 Pcs. .120 x 6.445 O.D.
41 Pcs. .500 x 6.500 O.D.
Full set of rubber stripper rings

Spacers 3.250" I.D. x 4.875" O.D. .750" x .312"

40 Pcs .032
30 Pcs .062
31 Pcs .125
20 Pcs .250
17 Pcs .500
12 Pcs .750
10 Pcs 1.00"
8 Pcs 2.00"
2 Pcs 3"
4 Pcs 6"
updated info below: 24" Waterbury slitter -Driven head-Control Panel- 3.250" arbor-4,000 Lb un-coiler- 6,000 Lb re-coiler with hydraulic push off. 500 Lb capacity Scrap winder- overarm separator. Head is driven by Louis Allis 5hp gear motor -solid state drive and control with driven exit pinch rollers for de-burring. Line includes full set of tooling, slitter knives and rubber stripper rings. Knives- 42 Pcs .120 x 6.445" O.D. 41 pcs .500 x 6.500" O.D. Spacers- 3.250" I.D. x 4.875" O.D. .750 x .312 Keyway 40 Pcs .032 30 Pcs .062 31 Pcs .125 17 Pcs .500 12 Pcs .750 10 Pcs 1.00 8 Pcs 2.00 2 Pcs 3" 4 Pcs 6" line produces excellent narrow width slit coil with minimum burr. Thickness range of .015-.060. Line can slit thicker then .060 if as larger drive motor is used. Carbon steel (1008-1095) and stainless steel (200-400 series) were primarily processed on this line. Available for inspection at our warehouse
Used 24" Waterbury Farrel slitter. Slitter head and other components have been well maintained. Line was de-commissioned last summer and replaced by a new slitting line. All drive motors and other components are in working condition. This is a decent close tolerance line.
The re-coiler has a hydraulic push off plate. The scrap winder is also run by hydraulic. The overarm separator is controlled by air pressure