モデル:MULTUS B400WBB X 1500II
コントロール:CNC (THINC-OSP)


棒 能力:127 mm
パワー:29.8 kW
最大回転数:2800 rpm
スイング:709.9 mm
加工長:1,524 mm
Tailstock (イエス/ノー):No

2015 Okuma Multus B400W BB x 1500 II
CNC Multi-Tasking Lathe
Control THINC-OSP Control
Swing Over Bed ………… 27.95”
Distance Between Centers . 59.06”
X-Travel 27.17”
Z-Travel 60.83”
Y-Travel 9.06”
C-Axis Control 360 Degrees & .001 Resolution
B-Axis Control 225 Degrees
Main Spindle Bore … 5.91”
Main Spindle Speed 2,800 RPM
Main Spindle Nose A2-11
Main Spindle Motor 40 HP
Sub Spindle Speed 2,800 RPM
Sub Spindle Nose A2-11
Sub Spindle Motor ….. 30 HP
Milling Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM
Milling Spindle Motor 27 HP
ATC .......................... 80 CAPTO C6

Equipped with:

OSP CNC Control
Optional Big Bore Sub-Spindle
Optional 80 Tool CAPTO C6 ATC
LNS Servo S3T 5’ Magazine Barfeed
Tool Presetter & Renishaw RMP Probe w/ Auto Gauging
Chip Conveyor
Super Nurbs (High Speed Machining in 5-Axis Mode)
Splash Gun

Y & C-axis w/ Live Tool Capability
Chip Blaster 1,000 PSI High Pressure Coolant System
Hainbuch Spanntop 100 Dead Length Collet Chuck on Sub Spindle
Flexion FX1150 4-1/4” Capacity Air Collet Chuck for Main Spindle
Hydraulic Oil Temperature Regulator
Tool Center Point Control
Z & C Axis Auto Zero Offset Function
Rapid Traverse Override Switch
Delete Work Ejector
Inverse Time Function
I/O Variable User Task II
4 Sets Of Spare M-Codes
ONLY 60 Cutting Minutes as of 9/21/16
Replacement Cost : $805,911.00


2015 Okuma Multus B400W BB X 1500II CNC Multi-Tasking Lathe. Machine is in excellent condition with minimal usage (only 60 cutting hours as of 9/1/15). Options include: THINK OSP CNC control, big bore sub-spindle, 80 tool CAPTO C6 automatic toolchanger, LNS Servo S3T barfeed, tool presetter and Renishaw RMP probe with auto gauging, chip conveyor, Super Nurbs (high speed machining in 5 axis mode), Y/ C axis with live tool capability, Chip Blaster 1000 PSI high pressure coolant system, Hainbuch Spanntop 100 dead length collet chuck on sub-spindle, Flexion FX1150 4-1/4" capacity air collet chuck on main spindle, hydraulic oil temperature regulator, tool center point control, Z & CC axis auto zero offset function, rapid traverse override switch, delete work ejector, inverse time function, I/O variable user task II, and 4 sets of spare M codes. Please contact: Bob Nelson 847-921-3845, Cris Mulvihill at 602-501-8995, and Brian Foerster at 847-800-4494 with any and all questions.