Currently dismantled and stored


3,306.93 T
82.68 "

30MN / 40MN Pull down open die forging press with
50Ton manipulator
Manufacturer: Kobe Steel (Japan)
New in 2010
Nominal force at static working pressure 350Bar: 30MN (3000 Ton)
Upsetting force at static working pressure 420Bar: 40MN (4000 Ton)
Maximum press stroke: 2100mm
Daylight: 4600mm

Press force by stages (at 350Bar)
1 stage (one central cylinder): 1000Ton x 2
2 stage (two-side cylinders): 500Ton x 2
3 stage (four all cylinders): 3000Ton
Distance between columns: W 2750mm x L1450mm
Main cylinder: 2ea (diameter 640mm)
Side cylinders: 2ea (diameter 455mm)
Pull back cylinder: 2ea (diameter 530mm x 340mm)
Eccentric loading at 45MN in-line of forging 420 MPa
Forging tolerance measured on hot workpiece: 1800 / 2100 diameter (Max)
Table shifting stroke: 6500mm
Die table area (W x L):
Tolerance of lower dies to be shifted 2500mm
Press speeds
Forging speed: 165mm/sec
Advance speed (Fast/Slow):
Return speed (Fast/Slow): 280mm/sec
Die table slide forward (Fast/Slow): 300mm/sec
Number of press stroke:
Hydraulic main pump: 7ea
Electric main motors: 350 KW
Total electric power supply:
Press dimension:
Press weight including die magazime / die shift): 675Ton

Technical spec of manipulator: 50 Ton