BLANCHARD 11-16 ロータリー平面研削盤


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Blanchard #11-16, 16" Vertical Spindle Rotary Surface Grinder Rebuilt, 1 YR War.


チャック サイズ
15 hp
Specifications:Spindle Motor: 15HP, 240/480 volt, wired for 480 operationRange: 20" Diameter x 9" Vertical over ChuckChuck: 16" DiameterChuck Speeds: 15, 24, 41, 64 RPMGrinding Wheel: None, Customer to supply Diamond WheelGrinding Wheel Speed: 1200 RPMFeeds: .003 - .070 IPMAutomatic lube systems Standard Coolant System (Paper Filtration system available)Floor Space: 5'3"L x 3'6"W x 6' 8-3/4"Max./5' 9-1/2"Min.HApprox. Weight: 7,500 lbsThank you for choosing F. P. Miller Company to provide you with a quote on a re-manufactured #11-16 Blanchard Rotary Surface Grinder. The work will consist of a mechanical rebuild as follows:
     1) MACHINE DIS-ASSEMBLY:a) Completely disassemble machine & inspect parts and castings.b) Clean and wire brush all parts2) TABLE AND TABLE SUPPORT WAYS:a) Machine as required.b) Precision Scrape, fit the table support ways to the table ways.c) Installation of Moglice wear material in cup if needed.d) Grind magnetic chuck hardened bull gear 3) CARRIAGE AND BASE WAYS:a) Re-grind hardened base ways (Replace if required)b) Precision scrape and fit carriage to base ways.c) Installation of cast iron way replacement if required on carriage ways4) VERTICAL SLIDE AND COLUMN WAYSa) Machine as requiredb) Precision scrape and fit the vertical slide ways to the column ways including the gibs.c) Replace or rebuild Elevating Screw and Nutd) Installation of cast iron way replacement if required on vertical slide.5) CARRIAGE AND TABLE DRIVE MECHANISMSa) Rebuild table drive assembly (including replacing bearings and seals).6) HEAD FEED MECHANISM:a) Inspect and rebuild head feed as required (including replacing bearings and seals).b) Inspect Feed worm gear and pinion, remove backlash or replace if required 7) SPINDLE UNIT COMPLETE:a) Disassemble the spindle unit, clean and evaluate.b) Replace the upper and lower spindle bearingsc) Rewind spindle complete, if required (additional cost)d) Reassemble the spindle unit, and test.e) Install Rebuilt "Cortland" style wheel mount     
      8) ELECTRICAL FEED MOTORS:a) Rebuild or replace all feed motors including bearings9) LUBRICATION SYSTEM:a) Install Automatic oil lubrication systemb) Remove all lube lines on the carriage, base and table.c) Replace all lube blocks and clean oil ports on the carriage, base and table.d) Re-pipe with all new lines and fittings, the carriage, base and table.10) GREASE SYSTEM:a) Install new automatic grease systemb) Replace all lube lines on the column ways.c) Replace  all lube blocks and clean oil ports on the column ways.d) Replace all lube fittings on the column.11) ELECTRICAL:a) All new wiring on machineb) New magnetic controllerc) All new limit switches and push button switches (placed to your configuration)d) New Electrical panel and components.e) Install soft start for tablef) Updated Schematicsg) Updated manuals12) MAGNETIC CHUCK:a) Meg Magnetic Chuckb) Install New Magnetic Chuck Controls13) GUARDING AND COOLANT LINES:a) Replace water guarding with newb) Fit to machinec) Install new coolant Lines and External Clean Out Hose14) PAINT:a) Sand entire machine to original machine surface.b) Clean.c) Prime and paint grey. Will accommodate customers paint specs if possible15) REASSEMBLY OF MACHINE COMPLETE AND TEST:REQUIREMENTS:1. CONTRACTORS RESPONSIBILITY:F. P. Miller will be responsible for furnishing all services, labor, parts and materials necessary to rebuild the machine as described above.2. DIS-ASSEMBLY AND INSPECTION:-All areas and items of rebuild will be completely dismantled to basic parts and castings.-All parts and castings will be thoroughly inspected for defects.3. RE-UTILIZATION OF PARTS:-All parts that will be reused will be in such condition to assure proper part function and fit. This applies to parts which are used as is, as well as those that are repaired, or replaced.4. REPLACEMENT PARTS:-Replacement parts will be OEM or a suitable substitute.5. BEARINGS:-All bearings associated with spindle, regardless of condition, will be replaced with new bearings of the same type and precision class or better.6. SEALS AND GASKETS:-All seals and gaskets will be replaced with new seals and gaskets of a type equal to or better than original quality.7. FASTENING DEVICES:-All fastening devices will be inspected and all defective devices will be replaced.8. ACCEPTANCE TEST:-The machine will be run off at F. P. Miller Company with testing witnessed by customer.9. DOCUMENTATION:-Two complete sets of machine documentation covering-Electrical diagrams, maintenance and operating procedures, will be provided to customer10. TRANSPORTATION:-It is the customer’s responsibility for transportation from F. P. Miller Company, we can assist with arrangements upon request.-F. P. Miller will need Advanced Notice of Shipping Arrangements, prior to picking up machine, for proper time to package and prep machine11. DELIVERY:-Delivery of the machine will be approximately 23 weeks from the receipt P.O. and Down Payment and is dependent on availability of replacement parts and current shop schedule. The delivery will be held unless the lead-time of purchased items causes a delay.WARRANTY:F. P. Miller Company warrants the rebuild of this machine against defective materials and workmanship. The warranty terminates (12) months or 2000 operating hours, whichever occurs first, from delivery (some regional restrictions do apply). This applies only if the machine has been installed correctly and used in normal and proper manner under recommended operating conditions.  Note: Warranty does not cover magnetic chuck unless it has been rewound during re-manufacturing process (see options below)AVAILABLE OPTIONS:Resurface Magnetic ChuckRewind Magnetic ChuckRewind main Spindle Set up and run off in customer’s facilityMachine will ship with new Unisorb leveling pads
NOTE: Due to rising costs partly by unsteady pricing in purchased goods and supply chain issues, this quote is good for 30 days.  Prices are subject to change, please contact us to confirm price prior to issuing an order.TERMS: 30% with purchase order; 60% after acceptance run-off at F. P. Miller Company viewed by customer; 10% Net 30 Days after delivery of the machine to the customer upon approved credit