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Folding aluminum automatic ladder truck of the following dimensions. Load capacity: 150 kg. Aluminum frame. 8000 Ah lithium battery. Operating voltage: 48 V. Charger input: 220V. Speed: 24 - 28 steps / min. Total size: 1450 × 590 × 460 mm. Folding size: 1010 × 590 × 460mm. The battery powered electric forklift climbs stairs to climb stairs made of aluminum and foldable. Sale of electric lift trucks, ideal for goods delivery, is specially designed to transport heavy goods up the stairs and to transport them on the ground like a hand truck. Release heavy physical labor and change the traditional mode of human transportation. The electric stair climber is very easy to use when climbing the stairs quickly and safely, thanks to the battery-powered climbing mechanism. Go up to the next step efficiently and precisely, the motor acts as a brake when going down, It is widely used in logistics, home improvement, household appliances and many other industries, as well as factories, offices, residential buildings, etc. When it comes to transporting heavy loads, many times we find ourselves with the obstacle of a ladder that is impossible to overcome for a traditional forklift. For these cases, the work of the forklifts climbs stairs can avoid excessive and unnecessary efforts in addition to a great risk of accidents or deteriorating the load. This tool can be found in simple manual steel models with six triangle wheels, or in electric versions that make work much easier by depositing most of the weight on the ladder itself, and its load capacity varies between 100 and 300 kg . the forklift climbs stairs a single operator can transport large loads, such as a refrigerator or a washing machine, in a simple and safe way, since the truck itself is responsible for keeping the load balanced at all times. Some models have rubber chains and an electric piston that make up a system that avoids all the complications related to the different types of steps, since they carry the load over them. A loading wheelbarrow, changarín car, little devil or carrucha, is a manual loading car in the shape of an "L" with two wheels at its base for movement and handles to direct it at the top. It has a base type shelf at the bottom to place objects in order to move them. To lift objects, the base is placed forward and below them, then the truck is tilted back to lift them and let them rest on the back of the truck. The weight is balanced on the wheels of the same, achieving that bulky and heavy objects are easily transported. Due to its functionality it is considered a first class lever. Diablitos are often used as transport carts to carry suitcases at train terminals or airports. They are regularly used to transport packages in department stores. Some forklifts are equipped with stair climbing wheels, which, as the name suggests, are used to go up and down through stairs.


330.7 lb
Capacidad carga: 150 kg. Tamaño total: 1450 × 590 × 460 mm. Tamaño plegable: 1010 × 590 × 460 mm.
40 kg


Carretilla sube escaleras automatica de aluminio plegable de las siguientes dimensiones. Capacidad de carga: 150 kg. Estructura de aluminio. Batería de litio 8000 Ah. Voltaje de funcionamiento: 48 V. Entrada de cargador: 220V. Velocidad: 24 - 28 pasos / min. Tamaño total: 1450 × 590 × 460 mm. Tamaño plegable: 1010 × 590 × 460 mm.