• 製品概要

    The feed heads model PR are installed on top or at the exit of our in-line wire drawers model SKP. Their function is to bring the wire from the dancer of the wire drawer to the feed rolls of the cold header in a pre-straightened form. The feed rolls can be pneumatic or hydraulic, according to the machine size.

  • 会社について

    Tecno Impianti Srl, a company operating in the sector of wire drawing of metallic wires, is your ideal partner for the supply of vertical and horizontal wire drawing bullblocks, horizontal spoolers, vertical spoolers, double automatic vertical spoolers, wire pointing machines, hydraulic push-pointers, uncoilers, feeding devices, in-line wire drawing machines, cold rolling lines for production of smooth and ribbed wire for electrowelded wire mesh and lattive girders, mechanical descalers, lubricant dispensers, rolling and profiling cassettes, straight-line multipass wire drawing machines.