Prefabricated Fireproof Column MFR- BlackRock Column과거

이름:Prefabricated Fireproof Column MFR- BlackRock Column
상세내용:CNC Duplicator:Peddinghaus Mdl F1154 170-Ton CNC Punch with Fagor SNS Controls (1999) •
시작 날짜:2016/09/15 08:00 EDT
종료 날짜:2016/10/18 13:00 EDT
시간대 변경 환경 설정
위치:148 Davis Avenue
Bridgeport, Connecticut


Auction Highlights

CNC Duplicator:Peddinghaus Mdl F1154 170-Ton CNC Punch with Fagor SNS Controls (1999) • Iron Worker:Marvel Spartain Mdl IW110D Hydraulic 110-Capacity (2006) • Hydraulic Press: Pacific Mdl 50PF 50-Ton Capacity • Vertical Bandsaw: Marvel Series 81 Mdl 81/12/1044/8 (2002) • Concrete Mixers & Pumps: [2] Electric Concrete Mixers, Pumps & Hoppers • Pipe Cutter: Continental Machine Company 6.5” • Radial Drill: Carlton 3’ 9” • Forklifts: Combilift Mdl CL22090DA47 10,000 Lbs (2007), TCM Mdl FD70Z8 14,800 Lbs (1999) • Welders: [13] Lincoln, Miller, Hobart, Linde, L-Tec AC/DC Welding Power Sources -Up to 400-AMP • [2] Hypertherm Mdl MAX100 Plasma Cutters 100-AMP • Miscellaneous: Cincinnati 14” Double End Snag Grinder, Bug-O Track Burner & Circle Burner, Portable Sand Blast Pot, Diesel Fuel Storage Tank • Shop Support • Plus Much More!!

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