회사:Akiyama International Company Limited
위치:34-11 Takara-machi, 2-chome
Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 124-0005
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The Akiyama International Company Limited of today originated in 1948. The original company, Akiyama Machinery Manufacturing Corp., built printing presses for the Japanese domestic market until the end of the 1960's. The presses built during this time were of adequate design development for post-war Japan, but not up to the latest international state-of-the-art for the time. At the end of the 60's and the start of the 1970's there were major fundamental changes in the company with a new creative spirit introduced into Akiyama design and thinking. The result was the introduction of the first Akiyama press with truly original design concepts and first-in-the-world features. The Akiyama Hi-Ace 26" Press series.

Since that "breath of life" that changed the company at the beginning of the 70's, Akiyama has continued to progress, grow, and still maintain the creative spirit. During the 70's the Hi-Ace press series in 26" and 38", then 28" and 40", as well as 32" and 44", was improved and refined. In the mid 80's Akiyama introduced a new generation of presses which replaced the Hi-Ace. This was the Bestech series which continues to this day to be the primary product line of Akiyama.

In 1994 Akiyama introduced another new and revolutionary press model. The JPrint series. The first sheetfed offset press, not blanket to blanket type, to print both sides of a sheet while maintaining one gripper edge through the process.




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