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Aleono Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional supplier with over 13 years expertise in rebar splicing solutions and machinery manufacturing. Aleono Machinery can offer a broad range of both standard and specialized products, such as rebar coupler, rebar thread rolling machine, rebar cutting machine, rebar bending machine and more.

Aleono Machinery has grown from a small one lathe operation with a single customer to a worldwide supplier of construction machinery thanks to the consolidated performance of all departments including production, procurement, quality control, sales management, etc

ALEONO’s core business is supply rebar splicing solutions and safty products for the projects of high buildings, towers, tunnels, subways, bridges and other construction projects. The rebar coupler and thread roller can be customized according to your thread standard like UNC, BSW, Metric, etc or rebar standard like ASTM A615, TMT FE400,FE500, etc. Any kind of material can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications, design and requirements. OEM & ODM order is welcome.
With 100% bar break performance, our couplers have been used in more than 50 countries. 100% inspection of rebar coupler and machine test can ensure only the high quality products to our customers.



Aleono Machinery Co., LtdAleono Machinery Co., LtdAleono Machinery Co., Ltd
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