회사:Allmand Bros., Inc.
위치:1502 W. Fourth Avenue
PO Box 888
Holdrege, Nebraska 68949
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In 1938, in the midst of the Great Depression, brothers Les and Walt Allmand began building welders at their service station and garage in Huntley, Nebraska. Later moving to Holdrege, Nebraska (where Allmand is still located) in 1943 the family business prospered and was eventually passed to Roger and Steve Allmand, the second generation. Now, nearly 75 years after Allmand Bros. began, the third generation of family leaders is at the helm. As with the previous generations, Brad and Matt Allmand are fully committed to the Allmand mission and to serving the various Allmand stakeholder groups. The company looks forward to a future filled with growth and continued family leadership, along with constantly striving to exhibit strong values of excellence, integrity, and respect.

Allmand Bros. takes pride in building quality products and providing superior service after the sale. The entire Allmand family assures you that our products will make your work site brighter, warmer, safer, and more efficient. We have stood behind that through the years, generation after generation.

That’s what Allmand Assurance is all about.



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