320, SiangYang Road, FongYuan Dist.
Taichung, T'ai-wan 42076
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Apex Machinery Corporation, Taiwan, who are in business of manufacturing “ Oil Purification & Regeneration” machinery and having unique Coolant Purifying System, which is patent design. The said system can be installed to any kind of CNC machine like metal cutting, lathe machine or any other machine using oil coolant system. The oil and other floating by products including bacteria can be separated from the coolant and the coolant can be used over and over again.

Un-balanced coolant, coolant that has changed in Ph level can cause separation of coolant concentrate and the water, installed “ PH Monitor System” will keep the coolant quality and control coolant water.

The unit has a unique function which can also reduce junk production, strengthen environmental protection and to increase performance / efficiency of Coolant and also, give more life of cutting tools which is used for CNC machines. It saves a lot of time to change and clear the coolant tank and parts of machine.