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Dr. Su, the founder of APLUS Spindle Co., has devoted in the research and production of the high speed spindles for more than twenty years since he obtained the Engineering Ph.D. degree in USA. APLUS occupies a modern facility of 2,300 square meter and owns various high-tech machines and equipments such as high precision Johnshipman grinding machines, TOYOTA grinding machines, rotary surface grinding machines, Multi-channel vibration spectrum, portable balance machines, bed-type balance machines, SCHENCK balance machines, LION Precision micro-meter, DieBold pull/retract test system , Coordinate Measuring Machine, Surface Roughness measurement , Spindle Run-in equipment, Motor function test system, etc.
  APLUS produces various kinds of spindles such as built-in spindles, direct-drive spindles, and belt-driven spindles. The spindles are widely used in the areas of PCB drilling machines, PCB routing machines, PCB grinding machines, high speed milling/engraving machines, Gantry-type machines, Gantry-type grinding machines, CNC wood-working machines, External/Internal grinding machines, 5-axis tool grinding machines, Lathe machines, Swiss-type machines, etc. APLUS not only produces the new spindles, but also repairs spindles. APLUS Spindle Co. keeps pursuing 「Excellence, Innovation, Responsibility」 as the business goal. APLUS has been the world-wide known spindle maker and has won the best CP values in the world. APLUS is the best partner of your business.

  APLUS provides the following spindles and services for various industries:

Spindles for PCB routing and drilling
Spindles for PCB drilling bits
Spindles for Engraving machines
Spindles for Machining center
Spindles for internal/external grinding machines
Spindles for Swiss-type lathe machines
Spindles for traditional lathe machines
Spindles for wood-working routing machines
Spindles for traditional internal/external grinding machines
Belt-driven spindles
Direct-driven spindles
Customerized spindles, special-purpose spindles
Spindle repair service