AVT Specializes in sales and services of valve systems which are easy to install and make permanent repairs to pipelines. We have competitive pricing on all parts and services, and will honor warranties on any competitor's linestopping equipment. Advanced Valve Technologies is a company that knows the customer is #1!

AVT is dedicated to developing new technologies that our competitors can only imagine! With new, creative designs, AVT is a world leader in the manufacturing, servicing and use of tapping, linestopping, industrial valving, water and sewer valve insertion and gas line valves. Contract services are available for all types of piping, all types of applications, all temperatures and all pressures, WORLDWIDE! Through AVT's innovative designs, some of our products are available for to use the latest in "keyhole" technology! With as little as an 18" (450mm) hole, vacuum excavated, an installation can be performed in a matter of minutes! AVT's EZ Valve system takes less than one hour to install on most types of pipe, is a permanent AWWA valve and is guaranteed to work for years! The EZ Valve is currently available in sizes 4" (100mm) through 12" (300mm) and larger sizes will be available soon. AVT's high-tech and well-designed products make AVT a world leader in pipeline maintenance, repair and valve insertion.