회사:Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
위치:NO.99 Weisan Road, Xiaogang
Ningbo, Zhejiang 315821
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ningbo shuangma plastic machinery manufacturing co.,ltd. is specialized in manufacturing high precision injection molding machine .it is one of leading injection molding machine manufacturer in china.

as a "zhejiang province high-tech enterprise", “shuangma” is iso9001 certificated company, it has a over 70 person engineering team. “shuangma” produce three series injection molding machine: bld ,blh and blw .it have over 100 types machine which clamping force from 58 to 1680 tons and injection weight from 38g to 10806g; “shuangma” produce about 2000 sets injection molding machine in one year;
it design, manufacture and assembles chinese-english and other language close-loop computer controlled precision injection molding machine. “shuangma” machine is provided with most advanced electrical hydraulic control elements which import from japan, usa, italy,
germany, taiwan and so on. the machine is characterized by high rigidity, strong clamping force, high rate of quality to price and so on.
“shuangma” has introduced all-compute and complete automatic cnc centers from japan, germany, usa and britain to produce the “bole” brand injection molding machines with high precision and excellent quality.
Shuangma injection molding machine is one of the most quality and economic injection molding machine all over the world.




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