Capital Weld Cleaners has been a leader in custom stainless fabrication for quite some time. We understand what it takes to efficiently run a shop and produce quality products. As a solution to one of our ongoing challenges, we eventually used our in-house expertise to create the Capital Weld Cleaners machines.

Our electro-chemical weld cleaners (the 1X30 and 2X40) offer metal fabricators (like us) a low cost/high quality solution to the cleaning dilemma. Our unit’s flexibility satisfies the demands of small and large production shops alike. We feel that every shop will benefit from the 1X30 and 2X40’s high quality components, unrivaled flexibility, and instant impact on shop efficiency.

Stainless Steel metal fabricators have been continually plagued by the unsightly weld burns that cover their precision welds. Time, labor, and costly chemicals needed to clean the almost-finished product cut into profit margins and reduce shop efficiency and morale. Capital Weld Cleaners has created the perfect solution.

The Capital Weld Cleaner provides shop professionals with the most dependable and efficient electro-chemical cleaner on the market. The electric cleaner uses precision technology to instantly clean discoloration from recently welded materials. Within minutes, your technicians will have a picture-perfect finished product and be ready to move to the next task. No more abrasives, no more excessive labor, no more headaches. Capital Weld Cleaners will put you back in control of your shop... and your bottom line.

So, if you are having the same issues cleaning your stainless steel welds, check out our web site at:, and make the cleaning issues go away, once and for all.

Give us a try. You have nothing to lose. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

You can call us at: 480-967-0016. We look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Call us if you have a competitor's electro chemical weld cleaning machine and let us show you how to save big money on consumables! Savings from 10-200%!

We are looking for quality Manufacturers Reps and Distributors. Please call for more information.

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