위치:Xinglian Industry Area,Liucheng,Nan’an City,Fujian Province
Nan’an, Fujian 362300
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Fujian Chenggong Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. We hold the tenet of "people-oriented, quality and quantity assurance, manage with good faith". Our company is situated in Chinese charismatic city - Quanzhou. Quanzhou is an old cultural city, which is the hometown of hero - Zheng Chenggong.
Our building area is about 300mu, and the annual casting output is above thirty thousand tons. We can produce various ferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron and alloy cast iron within twenty thousand tons annually. We have different heavy machining equipments, such as floor type boring-milling machine, large planer, large milling machine and imported NC planer type lead rail grinder. We also have high-precision detecting equipment, including three-coordinate admeasuring apparatus, laser interferometer and advanced detector. We make high-end products.
Our major products include CK5116G NC single-column vertical lathes, SCVT280 NC double-column vertical lathes, SCVT350 NC double-column vertical lathes, SCVT400 NC double-column vertical lathes, CVT-160 programmed single-column vertical lathes, C5116E single-column vertical lathes, C5117E single-column vertical lathes, C5116E heightening and widening single-column vertical lathes and TX6111T horizontal boring-milling machines. Especially, C5116E single-column vertical lathes are unique in exploitation and innovation