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위치:125, xinpin road
changhua, T'ai-wan 500
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We produce high quality product and continuously strive for excellent integration to maximize table performance, maintaining product precision after long period of use; in this case, integrating the machine tool and the rotary table.

Our worm gear design and craftsmanship delivers industry needed long term precision, outruns other conventional multi-toothed machine.

Our Hydraulic coupling gear indexer has Indexing accuracy within 4" arc sec and Repetitive accuracy within 1" arc sec.

We are using advance production equipment, measuring and testing instruments to ensure every product piece reaches world-class precision and reliability, products are closely checked from devising, manufacturing process to quality inspection, we have equipped with HEIDENHAIN measuring device with test report printing to inspect product accuracy, our stringent 100% manual quality control system ensures each table is meeting requiring standard before they are allowed to leave factory.




CSI Co Ltd
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