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CMT Cutting Machine Tools Co., Ltd produce the CNC water jet cutting machines for both pure water and abrasive waterjet cutting which are applied in the versatile materials cutting such as the stainless steel cutting, aluminium cutting, copper cutting, brass cutting, non ferrous metal cutting, titanium cutting, marble cutting, glass cutting, stone cutting, granite cutting, ceramic cutting, tile cutting, synthetic material cutting, rubber cutting, composite cutting, plastic cutting,foam cutting and even paper cutting, fish cutting…… for the different thickness, surface quality, cutting speed and so on.

There are various benefits for the waterjet cold cutting like:
No Tool Resharpening
No Heat Affected Zones
No Stress Impact
No Dust or Fumes
No Crushing of Material
No Metallurgical Deformations
No Major Loss Of Material

We hope that you understand the importance of this technology and would be benefited out of it. Expect your valuable reply and inquiries. Please send us email to



CMT Cutting Machine Tools Co., LtdCMT Cutting Machine Tools Co., LtdCMT Cutting Machine Tools Co., Ltd
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